2 POWERFUL tips for 2020 and beyond!

Take this with you into 2020….

It’s almost here; a whole NEW decade, with NEW possibilities and NEW energies to play in !!   

I REALLY wanted to bring you this information so that If you feel drawn to do some intention setting for 2020 and beyond you’d have this in your tool box:

We have fully stepped into the NEW EARTH energies.  ALL the portals are open and alignment is available to everyone!  As you do your inner work, choose LOVE over fear and UNITY over separation you’ll pass through the ascension portals on your own individual timeline, in divine time.  As a follower of my work you’ll know that that means a TREMENDOUS amount of OPPORTUNITY.  In the higher frequencies your reality changes; manifesting is faster, your health and vitality are constantly being restored, there is more abundance on all levels, more ease and more grace.   WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT???

Two key things that you can start doing today that will help you align faster and more effectively to the higher frequency timelines of 2020 and beyond are

1. Tidy up your energy field.

2. Stop creating more karma.

When you think of yourself as ENERGY instead of just your physical expression, you expand your view to experience yourself more in the way the Universe experiences you.  Now, if you show up one way as a friend, and another as a parent, another small tweek and you’re a partner and a pivot to be a child or sibling… you are effectively presenting as 4 or more energetic expressions. 

 The Universe can only respond to ONE UNIFIED FIELD of who you are. 

 So in this inauthentic energetic expression of yourself you dilute your conversation with the Universe.

Remember the Universe doesn’t speak english…. it speaks in frequency! 

By tiding up HOW you show up; you bring your energetic expression into more of a harmonious UNIFIED field… one that the Universe can converse with easily.   In simple terms; BE YOU… the SAME YOU all day every day!
This may trigger some and know that if that’s you that the trigger of anger or fear is just an opportunity for you to explore deeper into why you aren’t already doing this… who is in your life that you fear can’t accept you fully?  why do you feel the need to show up in a way that makes others more comfortable and you less?

The energies have sped up A LOT and the ‘old days’ of the Universe giving you little nudges toward growth, expansion, healing and alignment are gone.  It’s going come in fast and shake things up for you until you ‘get it’ … so here’s your head’s up!

The second piece I wanted to share is about NOT creating more karma for yourself.  As we ascend we do so by clearing the karma we came in to clear that is held in our Akashic records.  The relationships, ‘dues’, lessons and deep remembering of WHO we really are is part of what we came here to do. While clearing the original karma happens quite naturally, the problem lies in our innate programming to self judge and self blame.  For many this is unconscious, for some it’s called self sabotage.  Clearing our karma, overwriting those old self abusing programs and stepping deeply into self love and compassion is the journey to living in the higher frequencies.  As we MASTER these ways of being with ourselves we are more easily able to do it with others … and this is how we change the world.

I did a short video with a great example of what I am talking about. Afterall, ’tis the season for diet and exercise resolutions and if that’s NOT where you are… great!  the example in the video will still be so clear you’ll be able to apply the learning to anything.

Click on the image to watch!

 While there is so much more to unfold both individually and collectively I wanted to bring you this ‘head start’.  To give you something to supportive and clear to help you have that inner dialogue of what’s next for you.  What needs to change, expand and grow.  If you are not sure what or how; please connect with me for a One on One session.  You are here to BE the fullest expression of yourself you can be, let me help you figure out what that is!

Send you an ABUNDANCE of Love and Blessings for 2020 and beyond,

S xo