2019 The Year of the Boomerang

Whether you are flying high with excitement on the FRESH SLATE a New Year offers or still untangling yourself from all that was 2018; know that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.  As always, be loving and gentle with yourself.

So we are the same page; we are ASCENDING. As divine energetic Beings inhabiting planet earth we are increasing in our vibrational frequency in order to become an expression of our most DIVINE self (our soul) in human form.

As a collective, we are transitioning out of the old paradigms and energies of the 3rd dimension and moving toward the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is NOT a place but a frequency.  An ‘alignment’ if you will with a time and space reality where FEAR, LACK, Dis-EASE and SEPARATION DO NOT exist.  It is a reality of pure JOY and ABUNDANCE, it is referred to as ‘Heaven on Earth‘.

Every person is on the bus, whether they even know there is a “bus” or not. At a soul level, if there is a contract to awaken you/they will.  All is divinely timed and must be trusted.  There is nothing to fear.

What does this mean for you?  it means A LOT of transformation.  A LOT of release. A LOT of **NEW** (roles, relationships, jobs,  intuitive abilities etc)… it can be unnerving and beautiful and exciting all at the same time.

We are ASCENDING at a fairly rapid pace and that can cause some WTF moments within both the body and the consciousness. We are purging, clearing and healing life times of 3rd dimensional existences.  Understand that ‘symptoms’ or ‘proofs’ (I prefer to call them) of Ascension are perfectly normal. Please reach out to me if you need support.

We are all in this together and YET individual in our journey.  What timeline we are experiencing or manifesting from can also differ from moment to moment. (To understand this further check out my blog on timelines here) . Comparison can be toxic and de-railing to any forward momentum, I DO NOT recommended it!

The energies are FASTER now than ever before and that makes for amazing abilities to MANIFEST…BUT… it also means that keeping your thoughts focused on what you want WAY MORE often than on what you don’t want has NEVER been more important.

It means that prioritizing your spiritual practices of SELF LOVE, MEDITATION and CONNECTION to your self and your ‘team’ is paramount.

the year of the (1)
I call this the YEAR OF THE BOOMERANG.

What you ‘put out there‘ WILL come back… faster and mightier than you’ve ever experienced before.  When you are an expression of LOVE;  LOVE will come back to you: in kindness from others, in monetary gains, material items and exciting experiences.

When you are an expression of LACK and FEAR… well those energies will come back to you as well.  A flat tire, a cold, a stubbed toe, a broken phone, a disagreement with a loved one.  NOT as a “TEST” …. but as a reminder to go WITHIN, CONNECT –  remember WHO YOU ARE and get back on track with your SELF LOVE practices.

ALL of our outer world experiences begin WITHIN.
Many people are used to the older energies where manifestation was a passive, unconscious and slow process.  Those times have changed and you will begin to see this as you become more and more aware of your thoughts, beliefs and personal frequencies.

These are very exciting and powerful times.  YOU chose to be here; to experience and navigate these new energies both individually and part of the collective.  It’s time… it’s time to get clear and focused with love and intention, to be responsible with the frequency you carry and put out in the world, to MANIFEST what you truly want for yourself and the world!

IF you need help, guidance and love to get you to where you need/want to be; that’s what I do.  I can help you heal and release the energies of old that are keeping you stuck. Help you navigate the journey to your own divine truth, that you ARE a powerful expression of LOVE and so incredibly WORTHY!   ALL healing is self healing… let me help you learn, understand and FILL your tool box.

I have transformed my own life….Let me help you do the same.

I understand the Ascension energies, the affects the Cosmic and planetary shifts have on us. I can see and feel when you are out of alignment with your greatest potential.  If there is a GAP between where you are where you want to be; I want to help you STOP manifesting MORE GAP and start manifesting the life you are WORTHY of!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a MAGICAL 2019.

S xo