4D Is A Training Ground

In the old 3D reality; humanity innocently lived ‘happily’ (subjective) in a box. There was one linear reality, few options, one overriding narrative and we were told what to think, what to believe and how to navigate life. 3D represented limitation. (All of this is simplified and in general terms for the purpose of this post).

4D is where you ‘arrived’ upon awakening if you awoke prior to 2020.

In simple terms: 3D is ‘Hell’, 4D is ‘Pergatory’ and 5D is “Heaven on Earth”

We are now collectively in the 4th dimension (all of humanity) and it is confusing and highly dualistic/polarized BY DESIGN.

4D is the training ground.

The dimension where everything is given back; all the narratives, all the truths, all the options with limitations removed. Everything is possible and true and NOT true all at the same time. This is so we will begin to recognize that everything is a CHOICE. Every moment is another opportunity to CHOOSE; what you are going to believe? what you are going to hold as truth? how are you going to respond or engage?

Will you choose from your higher potential (soul self, nondualistic self, higher self aspect) or do you still have Ego programs/wounds/trauma and attachments clouding your vision that still need to be cleared?

4D as I see it is broken down into frequency bandwidths; 4.0, 4.1, 4.2…….on up to 4.9/5D. Understand that in 5D and beyond there is no duality, there is only ONE truth (divine truth) and everything and everyone is operating in one unified field. Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone is the same and creates their reality the same; that would be boring. Everyone fully honours and respects themselves, each other, nature, the planet and all forms of energy as sacred. Everyone is conscious and responsible.

In 4D you will ping-pong around until all the edges are worn off; until you are purified and able to hold the higher states 4.9/5D all the time. For example; some days you may be triggered, angry, reactive and judgy; you’re in 4.1 – get to the bottom of why. Other days you may be anchored in inner peace, seeing the godliness in everything, in flow and responsive in a loving way with your entire reality; then you’re in 4.8/4.9. 4D is the most vast dimension and some will spend a LONG time here.

Most recently (2020) the entire collective arrived in 4D, as the space (frequency) to create and manifest more 3D realities was no longer available.

For me it’s been the better part of 9.5yrs. That was my soul’s choice and the energies were different then.

I offer you this so you may begin to understand why your reality and your response to it is the way it is. So you’ll see what is being asked of you in any given ‘now moment’ and what is being purified within so you can CHOOSE. So you can better understand that the chaos unfolding in the outer reality is by design and through the lens of love is an incredible opportunity.

4D is NOT the destination, yet it can be if you allow yourself to lose focus.

Remember you are ALWAYS choosing…

Remember all duality must go….

Remember to accept that everything is serving right now…

Remember to be realistic with where you are in any given moment with acceptance and love – AND- that choosing LOVE over fear and UNITY over separation is goal.