5 Fails and a WIN!

Being successful in Business can be a bumpy ride.  The triumphs are high and the pot holes can be deep and soul sucking.  Wearing all the hats in your business is a given and having little to no life work balance is par for the course sometimes…..

For some of us … entrepreneurship chose us, for others .. we chose it.  Either way we wouldn’t have it ANY other way!

As a guest speaker at a recent networking event I was asked to share my thoughts on what “5 Fails and a WIN” would look like if I were to hand down some sage business advice.

Do what LIGHTS you up!


In a nutshell, here it is :

Don’t do what you don’t LOVE to do…  I used to be a Financial Planner and when it didn’t feel good to me anymore I gave it up and followed my heart into THE MOST rewarding career I have ever had!

I want you to know that its OK to change gears-even direction!  NO ONE is going to judge you.  When you over identify with WHAT you do… you begin to lose WHO you are. Especially when it’s something that you are holding onto rather than joyfully flowing with.

It’s ok to change…. DO WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP!


Don’t do it the way “EVERYONE” else does….

I would literally rather poke my eye out that go to a dozen networking events a month!  But that’s just me 🙂   So knowing that that was not going to be my ‘lit’ place I started my own Facebook community.  It’s grown to over 500 people in a year; I engage regularly and am happy doing FB LIVES.

So if networking is your thing DO IT!  if door knocking makes you want to die – then plan and sponsor an event instead.  Volunteer for a cause you care about…

Remember, YOU are your business and everywhere you go is an opportunity to spread the word.

There is NO “right” way to connect… only YOUR way – DO WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP!


Don’t worry about the money….

I don’t mean “don’t respect it”.. just don’t worry about it.

Don’t look at each new client as a bag of groceries either… they’ll feel it!

Respect money for what it is .. but don’t do what you do soley FOR the money.  That energy will only attract price sensitive clients who will never see the value in your offer or product, you’ll also attract more lack in your life and bunch of other stuff you DON”T want.

DO WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP!… let your clients feel the passion energy, your Joy and you’ll be a magnet for success.


Don’t work when you don’t FEEL it…

Slumps are inevitable when you are running your own business… and nothing is worse that beating yourself up over feeling blocked, stuck or uninspired.  That energy can become a vicious cycle pretty quick!

When you aren’t FEELIN’ it… don’t do it!  Go and rest or play or do something you LOVE.  Extreme self care and creativity are always the keys to re-igniting your passion for your business.

DO WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP!… you’ll find that when you return to your business are LIT and SPARKLY that everything will flow easily again.


Don’t let the tasks you hate, steal your JOY…

If there are parts of your business that you hate- like bookkeeping or social media posts or booking appointments.. don’t let those tasks steal the JOY out of your business.  Outsource those tasks or even trade with someone who does like those tasks.  Don’t get lost in the tediousness of being IN your business so that the JOY of doing business is gone.



The WIN?

Be authentic!  authenticity is the new black.  People love to know the person they are dealing with; whether they are buying a house or a lipstick.  We crave connection on a deep level and authenticity is the road to get there.

In a world where it has never been easier to connect, connection has never been more a thing of the past.

Share your WHY, your sparkle, your passion.. people LOVE that! They love to ride that wave of energy with you when you are DOING WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP!

BE unapologetically you!  Not who you think you ‘should’ be or who you think others expect.. be YOU!   You can’t get that wrong!

People expect that because I am spiritual that I shouldn’t or don’t swear.  It turns out that me being authentically me, and someone who swears A LOT is one of the reasons why people feel that I am relatable and real.

If you are lost in knowing who you are.. for real, or how to bring your authenticity into your business… get in touch with me and I’ll help you !