A Simple Formula for Ascending in Every NOW

First and foremost, understand that ascension is a natural, organic process.  There is no one outside of you that can do it for you, attune you, fix your chakras or expedite your unique process. 

The ascension process is a journey designed BY you, FOR you, to be experienced BY you.

Now in saying that, you can participate consciously in ways that will aid in the flow of the process.  Afterall there are experiences that some of us would like to get through quicker than others!

If you are able to understand on the deepest level that your life is always communicating with you, guiding you and in fact cheering you along (regardless of how it feels at the time) then you are ready to use this simple, yet powerful tool.

I say simple because with so many terms, teachers, gurus and points of view on HOW this process is to be done; it can become quite complex and it doesn’t need to be. 

I offer you a formula that you can apply in every NOW moment that will take the decoding, efforting and confusion-based resistance out of your experience. 

First, we must understand the meaning of “ALIGNMENT”.  Alignment is when you are experiencing a state of, or FEELING of: Expansion, Truth, Flow, Resonance, Connection, Consciousness, Presence and Joy. 

When NOT experiencing “alignment”, it may FEEL like: Contraction, Confusion, Frustration, Lack of flow, Defeat, Anxiety, Depression, Sadness and more…. 

To be consciously aware of what state you are in, or how you FEEL is key.  When you are in alignment; you are ready for the next step – NEUTRALITY.  When you are NOT in alignment, it’s time to BE with what is presenting by unpacking it, accepting it, healing it and ultimately finding your ALIGNMENT within it. Start by pausing and taking a deep breath; the present moment and most clarity it always found in the breath. Then:

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What is presenting? (get clear on what is really happening)
  • How do you FEEL?
  • What is the story your mind is telling about this?
  • Why do you think it is happening?
  • Is there a pattern showing up? (in the person, place, experience and/or your reaction)
  • Can you accept what is happening?  (Understanding that acceptance and agreeance are two very different things)
  • Are you able to find the opportunity in what is presenting? (the “lesson”)

As you unpack and process these steps (keeping in mind your process and timing will be unique to you) you are inching your way back into alignment.  When you are able to take an experience/event and get to the deep understanding that it is happening FOR you and the reason why; you are using your MASTERY skills to step into Alignment, Neutrality and then Ascension.

While ascension is a natural process and ascending from one dimensional experience to another does take ‘time’; your participation and the mastery of your experience is always available as a tool to expedite your own uniquely designed journey. 

To offer some clarity on what it would it look like if someone wasn’t using their mastery tools and therefore impeding or slowing down their ascension. It would look like: an event or experience would present, alignment would be lost (experiences ‘out of alignment’) and the following would be examples of the victimhood ‘loop’ that would be experienced until…..

  • “Why is this happening to me?”
  • “Why do these things always happen to me”
  • “I cannot see how this could be good for anyone…certainly not for me”
  • “I am going to fight ‘this’ to the death”
  • “I give up”
  • “I am not even going to engage; avoidance keeps me safe”
  • “I just have to try harder/more times… then it’ll go my way”
  • “I’ll just do what I always do, eventually ‘this’ will stop happening”

As you can see, being out of alignment is disempowering.  It is victimhood.  It is resistance to the very gift that is being offered.  It is an opportunity to heal and integrate another aspect of yourself that will bring you more into your ascended self.  It is an exercise in MASTERY.

Being out of alignment isn’t something we should avoid, it’s something we work with.

Now the next step is NEUTRALITY. Neutrality is HOW we Ascend.  Once you have mastered yourself back into alignment, the next step is to be divinely neutral.  Not to be confused with numb or apathetic. Divine neutrality is being aligned fully to the opportunity that was presented to you and then responsibly processing and integrating that opportunity. Divine neutrality is a state of understanding that all is divinely timed and experienced to bring about the highest expression and expansion of self and the collective – ALWAYS. Divine neutrality as a frequency says:

  • “There is nothing more in this for me”
  • “I accept responsibility for ‘this’ and choose to integrate the parts of me that needed this experience”
  • “My expansion in this has been achieved”
  • “Next…..”

Ascension is the next inevitable outcome.

I encourage you to use this concept as often as possible, especially when navigating experiences that leave you feeling ‘out of alignment’.  In the words of Emily Dickinson: “If you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves”. The same is true for Ascension; it’s the baby steps that lead to quantum leaps!