About Sheila

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My name is Sheila Hill,  I am a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide.

I am a Lightworker, a Starseed and a Twinflame. I am a warrior of the LIGHT and an ambassador of truth and love. I am working with a number of other beautiful souls to help orchestrate the GREAT AWAKENING of planet earth.

If you found me here, you are awakening too!

My passion is helping people get out of their ‘story’ of self limiting beliefs, behaviours and patterns. Helping them heal and release old energies and experiences.  Guiding them back to their soul,  so they can live an authentic life of  alignment, abundance, ease and grace…..

Where did this passion come from ?  I answered the call of my own soul…

It all  started with getting to know who I was.  I was in my late 30s, a stay at home mom, wife , daughter and friend.   I was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. I was overweight and trying very hard to convince myself that that was just my ‘plot’ in life.  I volunteered at my children’s school, my marriage was stable, I was striving to be the best mom and daughter I could be.  That, I thought was about all I could or ‘should’ expect from life.

If anyone had asked me if I was ‘happy’… I would have said ‘yes’.   My soul knew I wasn’t. Not knowing any better, I allowed my head to start driving the bus and off I went on a mission to ‘fix’ me.

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I began working on the outside packaging.  Lost approximately 80lbs over a couple of years through making changes to my eating habits, learning how to lift weights and getting off of all of the medications I had been taking for depression and anxiety. I successfully transformed the outside package.  My family and friends were all so excited for me and told me that I looked great…and should be so ‘happy‘.

The problem was that I wasn’t happy and the only place left to try and ‘fix’ was the insides. So I started working with a life coach. Gently peeling back the layers of the onion that had become ‘me’.  Purging, exploring, challenging and evaluating the ideas I had about myself and my past.  It was without a doubt – life changing work.

In 2011, my mother passed away suddenly and in 2013 my husband of 22yrs decided our marriage was over.  If I hadn’t started doing the inside work I am afraid to think of where I might be today when those two catastrophic gifts happened to me.

Yes, I said ‘gifts’.  I realize today after receiving the support and guidance of  a life coach and periodically the help from other energy and spiritual healers that my brightest moments have originated somewhere in the darkness of the worst events that have happened in my life.

I was “forced” to learn so much about myself.  I was put in a position to embrace and follow a spiritual path that nurtured me and taught me that I am a strong, loving, beautiful woman ‘just’ the way I am.Sheila_Life Coach_Zoom Into Life Photography_Business headshots019

I am an introvert, I am highly intuitive and  I am more present in my day to day life than ever before.  My mind is quiet and I make decisions from a place of purpose, confidence,worthiness and a deep sense of self love.  I am living an engaged, purposeful, fulfilling life.

I have released from my life; the people, material objects,  behaviors and beliefs  that no longer serve me.  I have found happiness, inner peace, abundance and opportunity.

My goal is to help my clients gently venture to the parts of themselves that are unknown or more than likely forgotten.  To explore with them where their passion lies, what is really their “truth”- not the story they or others have told them.  And to teach them how to reconnect with themselves in a way that WILL change their lives forever.

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