Activating Your Light Body

(aka How to Increase Your Inner Vibration)

When you are told that you have had it inside you all along… its true!

While most are familiar with the visible parts of the ascension journey; the expansion in consciousness, new levels of awareness, knowledge, purging of old emotions/people and experiences.  There is so much more that happens within the body on an energetic, cellular and DNA level that most are often not aware of at all. 

Here’s where we start.  Our cells hold consciousness and our DNA holds all of the energetic codes for our spiritual journey, our expansion (or remembering) and ascension.  That part of DNA that science calls “junk DNA” is actually far from being junk at all, in fact it is arguably the most powerful part of us. 

As we ascend; events in your life and incoming energies trigger the cells to release density.  This density could be a behaviour pattern, an unresolved emotion such as grief or the entire energetic coding for an event you experienced or witnessed when you were a child.   In this, your cells are trying to relieve themselves of the old and outdated so it can hold more *light*.  More *light* brings the vibration of the cells up, thus triggering the DNA that resides in that particular frequency bandwidth to turn on.  The DNA again, is the key to your activation of your soul’s true essence, the ancient wisdom of lifetimes past, your gifts and soul mission. 

When enough of your DNA is activated to a certain frequency you become the aspect that you are in that frequency.  This is your Light body.  The first step is to become the higher-self. Which simply put means that you ARE your higher-self in human form.  The ascension process continues beyond this step as you continue to raise your frequency you will activate your LIGHTBODY for your galactic aspect, angelic aspect and so on. 

From an energetic perspective the process is natural and easy.  A simple domino effect of triggers; light comes in, pushes density out, this raises the vibration at a cellular level which causes the DNA to activate.

From the perspective of the Ego/personality? It can often times feel “not so easy”.  I know!

By offering you this perspective; I hope to help you understand, and thus experience, this magical (and natural) transformation process in a new light (pun intended).  

While getting it wrong really isn’t an option, (I mean you’d really have to try) let’s explore ways you can help support the process.


  1. Get your thoughts in check
  2. Do your inner work as it presents itself (Inner child being the most important)
  3. Juice, yoga, meditate, change your diet/cosmetics/environment, use crystals etc. 

There is no point in doing steps 2 and 3 if you have a messy mind.  I don’t mean you have to have conquered the mind, but certainly securing some understanding of what is going on will go a long way.  This is why most people have a conscious awakening LONG before the embodiment process begins. 

Do the inner work as it presents.  I don’t recommend you make a project out of yourself by focussing on going back through time to everything you can remember about your life and try and ‘heal’ it.  Trust that your life is always communicating with you and in that, the triggers and the treasures for what needs to be looked at will be revealed.

What you put in, and on your body absolutely has an effect on your overall vibration; however, becoming a vegan without doing any inner work, just makes you a vegan…not embodied. There are also times during the ascension process that certain energetic compliments can only be found in certain foods so do yourself a favour and don’t be tied to any one belief around diet.  Drinking lots of water on the other hand is vital and the better the quality water (PH) the better!

Listed below are some other really potent assists:

  • Become the observer of EVERYTHING; especially your Ego.  With your life speaking to you 24/7, it is best to simply observe your life – be of it, not in it.  Ask yourself questions like “what is this here to teach me?”, “this is interesting, I’ll spend some time exploring this…”.  Also be aware that your Ego is not only one aspect.  It comes in 31 different flavours at least!  The wounded one, the angry one, the narcissist, the people pleaser, the child, the manipulative one, the unworthy one; to name a few.  Fine tune your ability to recognize which version is looking for attention; why and when. 
  • Get curious about everything you’ve ever “known” about everything.  We are multidimensional beings having a quantum experience, this means that NOTHING is ever what we originally were told.  I mean nothing!  Holding any form of ‘knowing’ is shaking hands with ignorance and keeping you for being able to hold multiple truths and realities all at once. Exercise your mind by playing in curiosity often!
  • You need to sleep (or at least rest) – A LOT!  Let the judgement around what ‘lazy’ is go.  When you lay down you disconnect from the grid, this allows you to integrate the energies more efficiently.  You also process unconscious programming and clear it from your mental and cellular data banks when you sleep, you astral travel in your sleep (do work, go to school, visit other timelines etc.) and so much more!  
  • As the energies present themselves (planetary alignments, solar flares/CME etc.) be open to allowing them to engage with you.  If you approach the feeling of these energies with resistance, they won’t be able to interact with your field in the best way possible.  Surrender, open your channel (crown through to root), lay on the floor, speak out loud “I allow these energies to transform my reality”.  Welcome them in!
  • Stay out of all forms of fear.  Holding fear for yourself, for others, fear that you are sick or somehow getting it wrong will also hold you back immensely.  Future tripping into uncertainty will only serve to bring in fear and anxiety; keep it all out by being as present as possible always!  When and if you sense you may have shaken hands with a fear narrative; stop and say “I am aware that fear is present and I choose faith”
  • If/when ascension symptoms present for you, remember what you believe about them matters! While I am not going to list them, as it is practically anything and everything you could think of, always assume that the ‘pain’ is the energy leaving.  So much of the power we hold is in our intention and belief.  If you believe you are sick, you’ll be sick.  If you believe that you are upgrading at a cellular level, then that will be your experience.   As always, keep an eye on anything that presents and if you feel you need a medical opinion then go get one.  Ascension symptoms are usually transient in nature, but not always which can be confusing sometimes. This is why having an intimate and trusting relationship with your body is vital.
  • Make ascension your priority without trying too hard.  This has been the trickiest one for me personally.  To make it a priority means that hold in your awareness that EVERYTHING you are being presented with is helping you ascend while ‘trying’ is your Ego thinking it knows best. Trying too hard only creates resistance which slows the process down.  Perhaps better wording would be; have a strong hold on your inner knowing that ascension is happening and apply a slight efforting in how you experience it. 

There is a lot more that could be said about this as the topic is vast and can be complicated.  I always try to offer information in a way that takes the confusion and mystery out of it and I hope I have done that today. Remember:

You are here on a journey of Mastery.

You are supported by a legion of benevolent beings that want to see you succeed.

In the eyes of the Universe there is only you!