Anxiety is an Entity and a Friend

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Anxiety is an Entity and a Friend

Anxiety is a benevolent entity in which you give your power away to until you are ready to hold it yourself.  Some’thing’ outside of you that you give your power; presence, inner peace, inner knowing, connection to self and grounded-ness to, until you are ready to take it back.

Think of it as a friend who’d you say: “Here, hold my purse (power) while I _____”

When we come in contact with others we are either experiencing anxiety or we are not.  Either we are grounded and balanced within our energy, or we are experiencing reactivity and chaos. 

Old spiritual teachings would say that the one embodied in grounded balance is in their ‘light’ and therefore triggering the ‘darkness’ in the other.  It is NOT that at all.  People are not dark, the entity is not dark. The ‘light’ is merely shining brightly on the other person’s OPPORTUNITY. 

Someone who is grounded, connected to self, balanced and calm represent an embodiment of their own power.  Someone who feels anxious, unbalanced and chaotic in their energy feels out of control and powerless.

The ‘opportunity’ is to take your power back from the entity (anxiety) and embody YOUR own inner peace, grounded-ness, balance and connection to self.

The one experiencing anxiety believes that in any moment what they feel is WHO they are. The “I” that is out of control, the “I” that feels unsafe, the “I” that is powerless. It is not. The “I” that is threatened by power is the Ego who empowers the entity through the illusionary lens of ‘keeping you safe’. When in fact, the one that is ‘not safe’ is the Ego aspect that would need to dissolve within you in order for you to embody your own power. 

The safety, inner peace, grounded-ness, balance and power will only come from being connected to your true self.  

It is NEVER another person, situation or event that holds the power. It is the entity that feeds off of the anxiety, the chaos and the dis-empowerment that does.

“You are not your feelings, you are so much more and that potential is waiting for you to explore and embody it fully within. The entity (anxiety) holds this potential (power) for you, waiting patiently for you to go within and find it”

Every time a person experiences anxiety through being trigged by a person, situation or event; they are triggered.  This is the opportunity!  The trigger/anxiety is the gift !

A quiet, unspoken, subtle energetic invitation. “Would you like your power back?

At times; when there is an anxious reaction the person grabs onto the feeling.  Believing they are it and goes about giving more and more of their power to the entity (anxiety).  They act out, project, tantrum, create chaos and drama. They hurt themselves and others around them. 

At other times, an anxious reaction will cause such a reaction within the body that freezing is the only seemingly available option. 

When either of these two occur, the person is giving more and more of their power to the entity . Walking further and further away from themself and their truth. Creating a war both inside themselves and ‘outside’ in their reality.

Someone who suffers from anxiety often begins to navigate their life/reality around avoiding the triggers that will bring on an anxious reaction.  In this instance they are actually in a deep sacred relationship with the entity instead of with themselves. That is the illusion the Ego seeks to strengthen.

They hustle to keep their anxiety ‘protected’. While it waits patiently for the relationship with it to collapse so it too can go ‘home’ having served the person in the highest way.

Learn to recognize its existence, learn to understand the role this friend plays. Understand that when you feel anxious, it is your benevolent friend saying to you :

“I hold your power, would you like it back now?”.

Your presence, inner peace, inner knowing, connection to self and grounded-ness is yours .  It’s been waiting for you to take it back.  Anxiety is your invisible friend not your enemy….

*unraveling anxiety as a mind, body, soul construct is something that I help people with often.  The nervous system plays a big role in the healing process as does mindfulness and energy work and awareness.   Please share this content with someone you love and/or reach out for a private session