Are You Healing or Hiding Your Trauma?

The road to healing our trauma and wounding (from this life and others) often requires a period of recluse.  A time away from reality where you are able to reflect, love and nurture the parts of you that were triggered.  Time spent alone in the safety and solace of your own soul’s wisdom.  So that you can remember yourself without the trigger, trauma or wound. After all this is what the healing journey is really about; a dissolution of density and remembrance of light.

What I caution is that HEALING and HIDING can appear the same and often may feel the same and are  in reality; very different.

For some, the triggered trauma can be so intense that the time of recluse or avoidance can become the foundation of a new reality.  A new reality where the trigger no longer exists and life appears to be sound, stable and whole once more. 

Left unchecked, the new foundation can ‘feel’ like healing has occurred.  A victory of sorts has been attained.  Where in fact this is an illusion.  One created through ego manipulation to ensure protection by avoidance as the new modus operandi.  This is HIDING…

I remind you that true HEALING has occurred when the original trigger no longer catalyzes any reaction at all anymore.  Where the energy both within and with-out are neutralized fully.  At best, where the understanding on all levels that the experience itself was an act of love to help you remember who you truly are. That the trigger itself and the need to heal was a GIFT, a light shone into your darkest place only to remind you that it didn’t belong.

Take this as a cautionary reminder that not all perceived healing is true healing.  Sometimes we hide, because hiding feels safest.  Use the power of your observer skills to see with clarity where you are in your process and do not judge.  Simply pivot and remind where necessary that you are merely shedding that which is not you.  Healing by dissolving the energies within that the mind is simply giving context to.

HEALING is the bravest thing you can do;  both for yourself and for all of humanity.