Ascension and the Anti-Aging Process

Anti-aging is a natural part of the ascension process. While it can be confusing to the human linear mind as to how something that appears to be so intrinsically human, can in fact be a “program” in the operating system of the body. I am about to explain from two different perspectives how aging occurs and why those that organically ascend into higher states of consciousness will indeed ANTI- AGE🧬

This is a Telomere; science recognizes this as the source of the aging process.

What is a Telomere: “Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes, which house our genomes. In young humans, telomeres are about 8,000-10,000 nucleotides long. They shorten with each cell division, however, and when they reach a critical length the cell stops dividing or dies.”

With each cell division the telomere shortens. All things being energy… means that “room” is made within the chromosome over time due to the space no longer taken up by the Telomere. This energetic ‘space’ is replaced by other forms of energy.

Law of Nature: “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”

Humanity’s existence within the inverted 3D matrix has not meant that energy doesn’t exist, it just means that it is available to be experienced in more dense forms than in higher states of consciousness. As stated above, as the telomere shortens the space left is replaced by other forms of energy:       (to name a few)

Word spells: each year you get “older”, “over the hill”, “senior”, “getting old”.

Belief structures around certain experiences and events that are only available at a certain age to keep us moving forward along a simulated timeline.

Death and dying being an innately inevitable human experience instead of a SOUL CHOICE.

Programming: what we consume via all forms of media that become both individual and ‘hive mind’ beliefs in society.

Processed Foods: preservatives, fast food, refined sugar, GMO, hormones, dyes etc.

Diagnosis: medical diagnosis that are taken on as life-long afflictions and thus programmed into the cells.

Self abuse/hatred: separation from self as a divine being, lack of understanding that the vessel was the chosen vehicle for the soul mission, beliefs held around hatred of certain body parts or expressions within the body, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, lack of rest, lack of connection to self, lack of self love and self care…

All of these and many more at an energetic level become the place holders for the Telomere shortage.  They integrate into the cells and become a part of the ‘program’ used in duplication over time. 

In alignment with this teaching comes the energetics of the individual Soul Template.  The soul is divinely perfect in its original form.  Once integrated into the body at a DNA level various forms of corruption occur that changes it’s originally intended expression. 

The Soul template is a 6-1-6 energetic make up.  

6 – Protons / 1- Neutron / 6- Electrons 

The inverted 3D human expression of Soul as an energetic is 6-6-6.

 (notice the number sequence, in truth 666 is NOT evil at all, only hijacked)

6- Protons / 6- Neutrons/ 6-Electrons

As we Ascend, we consume less density and integrate more **LIGHT**.

We clear our cells of the energies of trauma/wounding and dense programs and replace those codes with more and more of our own Divinity.  In essence we PURGE the 5 NEUTRON CODES and return back to our original Soul Template. 

For most ascending beings their age of choice is somewhere between 25-35yrs of age in appearance, living as a SOUL: which is timeless, in a human body. Understanding fully that age has NO effect on longevity and exit points are a SOUL CHOICE.

While it might appear that your ascension process is up to you and your ability to purge out the dense programs your body has taken on over time in order to activate anti-aging, I assure you that it is not entirely up to you.  Your participation in the effort is always appreciated by your Soul and “family of light” who are guiding you, by:   (to name a few)

  • Doing your inner work                                                           Working with Crystals
  • Cleaning up your diet                                                            Holding pure intentions
  • Drinking lots of clean water                                                  Being in relationship with your body
  • Minding your thoughts                                                          Practicing self care/self love
  • Meditating                                                                              Grounding and Exercising 

Actively bringing more **LIGHT** into your body

The inverted 3D matrix energetic program is no longer supported on the planet as a driving/all consuming energetic.  What we are still experiencing is a collective projection of the ‘same’ due to the very programming we are clearing out and haven’t yet completed.  Over time; and at the rate of the energies currently and expected to increase to, it won’t be too long before we start to notice a shift both individually and collectively.  This shift will be slight and yet noticeable for those with eyes to see. 

You will find vitality within yourself more easily and more often.  You will find that others notice a ‘glow’ about you.  You will find your tastes and tolerances for certain energies non-existent; this includes certain media, foods, people and experiences.  You will notice a deep inner seeking of higher vibrational foods, behaviours and experiences.

It will all start to become NATURAL, because it is!   You are coming back online to your own original DIVINE SOUL TEMPLATE.

*All information shared is my own interpretation from various sources including my own. It is offered as a perspective of understanding.  It is not intended to replace the wisdom of your own inner knowing or the possible need for one to seek medical attention.