Ascension is ‘Carry-On’ Only

Your personal evolution journey to higher states of consciousness and reality (5D-beyond) is a ‘carry-on’ only journey.  As you are aware, the process of BE-coming all that you truly are requires a dissolving of the various Ego aspects and a release of all the events and experiences that made those aspects necessary.  And there is more..

As humans we ‘attach’ in order to find safety, validation and predictability in life.  We attach to people, places, objects and routines, to name a few.  All in an effort to navigate life in the most harmonious way possible.  Sometimes attaching to things/people that create dis-harmony in our lives, yet it is in the attachment itself is where the ‘harmony’ is found. 

The devil we know is always better than the one we don’t”

You are birthing a new version of yourself every moment of everyday of your life. In this process your universe is asking you to explore more expansively, love yourself more deeply and release ALL that is not in alignment with who you are and are BE-coming. 

In order to be reborn, we must release ALL attachments that require us to stay who we are!

The most uncomfortable attachment to consider releasing is the one we have to those we love the most.  The idea of ‘letting them go’ is highly triggering.  Yet this is only a consideration that is painful for the Ego.  In fact, there is no ‘letting go’ of anyone that truly serves your journey. Only a release into the light of WHO they are and are Be-coming.  You are not being asked to walk away from anyone, only to ‘set them free’.  To allow them to be reborn into their highest soul essence where you will continue to meet each other in the next ‘now moment’ over and over. 

As you evolve, through loving non-attachment to who you once were; you allow those around you to do the same.   Placing more focus and intention on the journey and ultimate evolution of ‘ALL’ rather than on what makes you feel safe or comfortable. 

We are ALL master souls, you must remember this….

The other beautiful piece that is born from this focus and intention is that as you evolve and BE-come more, you release those around you from having to play the ‘role’ they agreed to play in your life.  The role they lovingly, (at a soul level) offered to play in your life in order to trigger you into your highest evolution.  As you transcend those triggers (heal, release) you no longer need the ‘role’ being played and set those people free to evolve WITH you….by your side. 

While I understand that the non-attachment required where people are concerned is the one that has the potential to be the most upsetting, it is not the hardest one to observe.  The hardest attachments are those that are most insidious in our lives.  The ones that quietly play out in EVERY now moment almost always unconsciously.    To make this point, understand that the very fabric of our reality thus far has been a weaving of various attachments that make our reality ‘ours’.

EVERYTHING must be observed and you must be willing to ‘LET GO’

Will you have to ‘let go’ of everything and everyone?  No, but the willingness to is a must. As the willingness to let go is a sure sign of neutrality and therefore an exercise in non- attachment. 

Here are some common attachments to consider:

  • Daily routines and rituals
  • Morning coffee
  • Spiritual teachings/beliefs
  • Traditions and Holidays
  • Vanity (attachment to how you look)
  • Things you judge as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’
  • What you believe to be ‘true’ (truth is multidimensional, there are MANY)
  • Jobs
  • Hobbies
  • Stories from the past
  • Who other people ‘are’ (everyone is evolving in their own way at their own pace)
  • Foods/Diet

When you self-observe and hold the intention to be shown where you hold ‘attachments’ you will be amazed at how many show up in your everyday reality. When you are shown something you have an attachment to, go within and ask;

“What aspect of me finds safety, security, comfort or pleasure from this?”

“Is this safety, security, comfort or pleasure a necessity? If so why?”

Begin to explore what it would FEEL like if that person, place or thing was no longer a part of your life…

If your reply is neutral then you are FREE to bring it with you, if it is not then you have ‘work’ to do on why?  The next step is to clear the underlying reason for the attachment itself. 

The things/people we attach to are attached to the version of us that attached in the first place, that version is evolving and new realities are waiting to be reborn.  They can’t do that into the same container the old one lived in. 

Ascension is truly a ‘carry-on’ on only journey!