Ascension Protocol (First Aid)

I don’t often talk about the ascension symptoms (proofs) because everyone is unique and the human psyche is so easily influenced . Below is a list of the most common proofs that the energies are influencing you . These influences are benevolent in nature and helping you purge, clear, recalibrate and ultimate raise your consciousness and baseline frequency.

How you meet and manage these energies is more important. I will offer you a perspective and some things you can do to help smooth out your experience .


You are literally dying in one form and being reborn in a higher consciousness so you can live a higher vibrational experience and it’s happening without you actually dying and you take your current body with you.

This is a monumental task to say the least and one your body is absolutely capable of as it was originally designed to be 5th dimensional. While most of the shifts are invisible to you, how you approach this magnificent event can either bring you a sense of awe and peace or struggle and suffering . By supporting the process FULLY you’ll find more awe and bliss and less suffering :

1. Some days/weeks or even months your ascension has to take priority over being a human. The ego wants to do-do-do, is always seeking joy, validation and proof. The linear mind will NEVER understand this process fully and will often see it as risky. Surrender to how you feel, surrender to what the body needs and do so as an act of compassion and self love. If you are having symptoms … you are already on the train … it’s time to stop grasping at the old ; the old you, the old ways, the old life …. something WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL is being born

2. Open your field up fully and regularly, open crown, open channel (imagine a tube running down your spine from your crown to root), open your auric field. Invite and allow the energies to pass thru you freely without fear or protection protocols .

3. Stop …. check in with yourself often and ask what you need . Sometimes a little break, meditation, hydration, a heart centerinef breath or a nap is all your system needs to recalibrate . This will help in not allowing the symptoms or multiple symptoms getting on top of one another .

4. Be the observer . As often as you can OBSERVE your emotions (energy in motion) . Avoid ‘I am _____’ statements, rather use ‘I am observing sadnes, anger , anxiety ‘ in my field. By acknowledging it and not attaching to it you allow it to be processed freely and quickly .

5. Know that the mind WILL play tricks . As mentioned before the mind/ego can’t understand what is happening in the body. When the body purges a energy of grief for example, the message to the mind is that grief is happening, it will quickly then try to come up with a story in your life that will give the energy in the body context . NO STORIES ARE NEEDED! Redirect your thoughts, love the emotion and hold space for it to transmute without a story .

6. Drink 3-4L of water a day, try to avoid caffeine. Add a pinch of SALT to your water if you are finding it hard to stay hydrated .

7. Get in the water…pools are an amazing way to support the body’s circuitry. Epsom salt baths are also super helpful to draw pain from joints and again allow the electric current in the body to equalize. Taking a shower with the intention to clear tour aura and balance the electricity in your body works too. INTENTION IS EVERYTHING .

8. Eat LIGHT foods as often as possible. Fruits and vegetables, salads (foods grown in the sun that are light coded) will help the body maintain a ‘ready state’ so it isn’t a shock when the energies come in. Avoid too much animal products, fast foods and processed foods as much as you can without feeling deprived.

9. Ground… get in nature often. Or when it isn’t possible to do that use meditation grounding techniques such as the tree root .

10. It’s NOT Anxiety… the body is what is ascending and therefore this process is very ‘body focussed’ . When the LIGHT hits the body it is moving at a faster speed as it is high vibrational . When the body starts to absorb the light the message to the brain is that the nervous system is firing and things have sped up …’must be being chased by a bear… this is an anxiety producing event’.

In summary; anxiety and light feel the same.. be mindful what narratives you allow yourself to em-body!

Support the nervous system with Magnesium Bis-glycinate 400mg

11. Rest and sleep often… the only way the body can fully integrate the new light codes and energies is by full rested state. REM sleep is best . Again surrendering often to what your body needs and letting go of the need to be productive is super important . While the mind doesn’t fully understand how this works, your thoughts do become the dominating frequency of your experience .

Lots of self love, redirection of stories, positive I AM statements will go a long way in how you experience that which you’re soul is trying to GIFT you with. Blessings for your journey ❤