Begin with the “BE”

A New Year and another opportunity to really be intentional about what we are ‘resolving’ to experience in 2018.

The good ole’ New Years Resolution.

And….you’ll probably fall off the wagon by February.

Do Have Be (1)

The reason I know this to be truth is because of the “DO, HAVE, BE” model.

You decide that if you DO this… you’ll HAVE that and then you’ll BE….

Take the weight loss goal a lot of people have as an example.

The resolution looks like this:

If I go on a diet and exercise (DO)…I’ll HAVE more self esteem/meet the guy/girl of my dreams/ land the perfect job etc and then I’ll BE confident/loved/happy.

Its a very PUSH way of living…..and because it only addresses the BE as an end result it is NOT sustainable.

When you are looking for transformational change in your life you MUST MUST start with the BE!

When you begin with the BE… how you want to feel living your life and BE that above all else… everything else comes into play with ease and grace.

So here is my recommendation for “Beginning with the BE”. Instead of entering into the New Year with a resolution, enter with a WORD.

Decide how you want to feel living your life everyday. What word speaks to your heart?

Do you want to BE happy? BE wealthy? BE healthy? BE loved? …expanded, honest, courageous, gracious, adventurous?  All that truly matters is how you feel while living your life.

So what word does that for you?

Once you have your word make that the touchstone that all other decisions are measured against. Take the word “happy” for example. A pretty simple one yet profoundly elusive to most people. As you make decisions in your life ask yourself “...does this bring me closer to or further away from “happy”?”. Make your word your compass.. your undeniable, non negotiable measure of all your possible ways of being and see how much easier all the other moving parts in your life fall into place.

When you focus on the BE you are starting with what is truly the most important part. Your intention and focus grows and brings into form more opportunities to BE that.

You can do it the ‘ole fashioned way if you like…but I challenge you to begin with the BE this time, I think you are going to be pleased with the result!