Being Multi-dimensional; you are already doing it!

2021 will be the year that you begin to see everything change….

The changes we seek, of course must begin withIN first. These inner shifts in frequency on an individual level become more potent over time which means that your contribution to the collective experience becomes more potent also.

As your physical body holds more of its *LIGHT* it begins to shift from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and so on. (Let me be clear; we are taking our bodies with us) While your consciousness frequency is also very important; it is the body that is ascending and the part of the process that requires a little more time.  Step by step; clearing the energies within the body that are denser (by healing trauma, clearing emotions, shifting beliefs etc.) and integrating *LIGHT* is how you increase your individual ‘light quotient’.

While this process may seem quite elusive, esoteric or even complicated.  I assure you that it is not.  YOU are a very important part of the collective whole.  YOUR light quotient or inner frequency is not only the main determinant of your own reality but that of all of humanity as well.  


The physical ascension process is a natural one for the human body, in fact the human body by original design was created to be 5th dimensional.  To literally be a physical vehicle for the soul to have its human experience.   Being anchored in a 3rd dimensional field is very hard on the body and some would say is the reason why sickness, illness and disease exist.  Your body is working toward returning to its original purpose, essence and consciousness.  While natural; this magical transformation does require your help.

The ways you can assist in this transformational process are many and some will resonate deeply with you while others won’t depending on where you are in your own journey.  I encourage you to listen to that resonance always!

I do want to focus in on the most important component…. your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

While what you put into and on your body have effect on its overall vitality; the field in which all of these processes occur are created by your mind.  To make this as simple as possible I encourage you to begin to navigate your reality through the lens of dimensional frequency. Ask yourself as often as possible;

“Which dimension am I playing in?”


The 3rd dimension is about OBLIGATION.  The thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are rooted in “should”, “debt or owing” to self and others, co-dependency, fear, lack, victimhood etc. 

The 4th dimension is about TRUST.  The thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are rooted in ‘trust in the process’. It is responsive rather than reactive, there is flow, less attachment to outcomes.  This is your training ground. An opportunity to practice being both self-aware and aware of the PRESENT.  Where you are operating from, what is your inner narrative and what is the basis behind your decision making.

The 5th dimension is about FAITH.  I almost don’t want to say anything more about this field of experience as the word FAITH does say it all, yet to help you recognize this dimension and when you are in it, I will explain.  You see we ascend, create, and co create from the ‘zero point’; the PRESENT moment where NO-thing and EVERY-thing exists.  The space where there are no expectations, no obligations, no doubt/fear or trauma. There is only the purity of LIMITLESS POSSIBLITY.  The 5th dimension requires SURRENDER. Surrender like you have never surrendered before.  Surrender to the human experience and FAITH in your *LIGHT*, the divine plan of your soul and God (of your understanding).

 The willingness to step into the unknown in every NOW; not knowing what you’ll experience, where you are going or who you will be/become.

As you see, you are ALREADY doing this.  You are already choosing; sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously which dimension you are engaging in.  With every thought, every belief and every action… YOU ARE MAKING A CHOICE.

I say this every year and it becomes more true and more potent as we step deeper into the ascension process; the energies of 2021 will make it very clear to you which dimension you are in.  The 3rd dimensional ways are no longer supported and while this process is benevolent in nature to allow you to shift and learn, it will get loud and for some who choose the old reality over and over; very uncomfortable. 

Self-awareness is the key to being your own observer. SLOW DOWN so that you can be in the present moment enough to fully observe where you are at. FORGIVE yourself when you slip into old patterns; you are shedding old versions of yourself… let them go peacefully with gratitude – not judgement. COURSE CORRECT over and over until new ways of being/believing and thinking come more easily.