Why stepping away was actually a calling to step it up…


Those of you who know me may only know me as Sheila Hill; Certified Financial Planner and Women’s Financial Empowerment Coach. In the most recent past I had been working under the umbrella of Investors Group as a Financial Consultant providing financial advice to women and families.  As a self- employed Financial Consultant I endured the same stresses of building a client base and wearing ‘all’ the hats as any entrepreneur does but the finance industry is a lucrative one so usually the work and worry are well worth it…. Usually.

Parts of me that you may not know is that I am a single parent of two amazing teens. Yes I said ‘amazing’ and ‘teen’ in the same sentence.  Because they are the most incredible teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I have battled weight, depression, anxiety and lack of worthiness most of my life.  I came from an unstable home environment as a child.  I have lost both of my parents, put the pieces back together after a divorce and happily call our family of 3 a ‘family’ again.  I have done a tonne of inside and outside work to get to where I am today and it’s time to ‘step it up’….

As I reflect on my decision to re-enter into the Financial Planning business I realize that I was simply putting on the old shoes I used to wear. Having already had a successful career in Financial Planning prior to raising my family, it seemed like the most logical step.  And the gifts that were reaped from that experience are invaluable BUT “I” am no longer that person and those shoes don’t fit anymore.  I have changed, grown, experienced and now have a deep calling to put my life, my journey and ALL the tools in my box to use.

I am passionate about helping women, all women…re-ignite the passion in their lives, finally get to the bottom of the endless weight issues, discover who ‘they’ are (not as a mom, wife, daughter, friend) help them reconnect with the very being of their own soul. Live their lives without fear, lack of worthiness and self-limiting thoughts.

I haven’t lost my financial acumen I will always be able to add value on that topic, but I have chosen to step away from my career as a Financial Planner to  Empower women in EVERY facet of their life not just in their finances.

I am stepping into my life’s purpose, helping women…. Navigate their life’s journey.