Build Your Own Staircase

They say; “The longest journey you’ll ever take is the 18inches from your head to your heart”…

What they don’t say is that it is a journey you’ll take a million times ….

The journey OUT of the mind is not a one and done.  It requires constant awareness and redirection – until….

A practice that I have put into place is what I call ‘the staircase’.  When I become aware that my head has all the ‘power’, my thoughts are looping, I am blogging in my head or lacking in the ease and grace the flow of heart space offers; I go to one of three destinations:

The tree

I close my eyes and begin to take deep centering breaths and envision a spiral staircase in my mind.  I begin to walk the stairs case visualizing my descent from my mind until I get to my heart.  At this destination there is a beautiful large willow tree.  I sit at its base, its trunk supporting my back and I experience the presence of my own inner self.  The groundedness and quiet. I feel my energy expand while my nervous system calms; I am ‘home’. 

My Inner Child

There are times when I feel out of sorts, emotional or anxious.  This is when I take the same journey down the spiral staircase with the intention to meet with my own inner child.  I don’t intend which version I’ll meet, I simply allow.  If the ‘wounded’ one meets me there looking to be held, loved and understood; we sit and breathe together, her nestled in my arms.   If the ‘Magical Little‘ shows up with guidance; I accept it and accept her unconditionally.

The Interview Room

If I am seeking to meet with my Higher Self.  Looking for higher wisdom, support or guidance; I walk the staircase down into my heart to an interview room.  The room is empty, grey walls; a blank canvas with my Higher Self sitting at the table.  I sit across from her and receive what she has to offer me at that time. Understanding that ‘knowing’ anything in this journey will only ever satisfy the Ego mind.   That often the answers we seek are not what is given but something higher and more potent is offered instead.  

This practice is powerful.  While holding space for yourself within the presence of your breath, setting intention to journey to the truth of your heart, to commune with aspects of yourself that are eager to guide and love you.  All they while, playing in the muses of your ability to visualize; strengthening your 3rd eye while offering a ‘real’ experience for the unconscious. 

(The unconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary- to it, everything is ‘real’)

I encourage you to build a spiral staircase of your own with destinations that feel gentle, supportive and nurturing to you. Decorate your heart space with all the trappings that will encourage you to go there often, until the mind is but a forgotten place that once held a power for you that is no longer needed.