Choose your HIGHER timeline!

We did it! … you NEED to read this

The longest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in over a hundred years has come and gone. Do you feel any different yet?

I suspect not and that is why I am writing you now…

This Lunar Eclipse wasn’t just a cosmic event, it was a highly spiritual one that created ripple effects across time and space!

You see, the time has come where a choice is to be made. Not just one choice but many choices – everyday. In every moment, every interaction, every experience….

The Lunar Eclipse pushed us forward in our individual and collective ascension so that all higher timelines are available to us NOW…. and yes, we always have ‘choice’.

I created this illustration to help you understand. Imagine yourself in the middle. Each thread represents a possible ‘time line’ … a road to some event or experience. The possibilities are actually infinite and this is why there is no ACCURATE prediction of the future. We are always in choice and the road ahead is simply a series of probabilities (who would have thought highschool math would be useful !lol).


Our future is literally being created from the NOW.

It’s incredibly powerful when you fully take that in… give yourself a moment.

So if each thread represents one of the infinite possibilities available to you and you are in FREE CHOICE and able to choose any of them, you need to know that there are what I call ‘lower timelines’ and ‘higher timelines’ . These are your choices:

Lower choices; those that represent pure Ego, or limitation, smallness or an expression of your wounds.

Higher choices: those that represent intuitive knowing, divinity, love, compassion, prosperity, limitlessness and joy.


The Lunar Eclipse’s big push (so much gratitude xo) has closed a loop in a series of timelines that make DEFAULTING to the ‘lower timelines’ more difficult to impossible. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE GIFT OF BENEVOLENCE!


Being able to choose the “higher timelines’ will be easier now. Being guided by your own intuition is easier, your connection to spirit is clearer. You have done your work! healed your wounds, raised your vibration so that the guidance and support to CHOOSE the higher timelines is RIGHT THERE!… and yet, YOU STILL HAVE CHOICE.

Which timeline will you choose? The choices will present themselves in the smallest events in your life, the moments that seem insignificant. Your choice will become your new way of living. When you are connected to the divine you are ALWAYS in the highest timeline.

When you choose LOVE over anger; you are choosing the higher timeline. When you choose COMPASSION over judgement, you are in the higher timeline. When you choose FAITH and JOY over fear, you are choosing the higher timeline.

The concept of ‘HEAVEN on EARTH” is available to us all. LOVE, ADVENTURE, PROSPERITY, VITALITY…it’s all right there in the higher timelines of choice.

Take full responsibility for you, your energy and your choices…. CHOOSE THE HIGHER TIMELINE.

See you there!