Self Love & Relationships

Do you struggle with fully LOVING yourself?

Do you consider yourself Spiritually Awakened and WANT to be in a loving, patient, intimate on ALL levels romantic relationship?

Do you wish you could attract IDEAL friendships?

Is it possible you have a wound/trauma or story that is keeping you from meeting your next romantic partner, companion or friend?

Would you like to better understand the difference between a Soul Mate and Twin Flame?

What it means to be in balance with your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies so you can BE an expression of this in your daily life?

Does all this sound like you?

Self Love &Relationships

Are ready?

Ready, to do the work to become a vibrational match for the type of relationships you truly deserve?

One that is honest, transparent, patient, loving, adventurous and kind?

As an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Guide I will guide you on a 5 week journey of Deep healing, Releasing and Discovery… so YOU can align yourself vibrationally to CREATE the RELATIONSHIP YOU DESERVE!

****WOMEN and MEN are WELCOME****

This is a small group VIRTUAL class.. you can attend from the comfort of your own home or office.

This is a commitment from YOU to YOU – there will be NO replays.

This is going to shift you not only on the level of dating but on all levels of your life.. Are you ready?

Here’s what you need to do next:

Step 1:
Sign up and set the intention that this is a gift your future self will thank you for!
Register by clicking on the link and adding your email address to the list ( )
e-transfer payment to :

Step 2:
Book your 30 min 1 on 1 session : during this time we will chat, I will get to know you and help you flush out what the main story/issue is that is holding you back from experiencing amazing relationships.
Book your call through my online booking link:

Once you are booked I will contact you with a video chat link

Step 3:
Do the 5 Love Languages test and send me your results
I will remind you of this at the end of our One on One call

Step 4:
Show up for yourself each week for 60-90mins of Learning, Coaching and Shifting on our LIVE group call.
Each week you will be sent a ZOOM link via email for our next ON LINE meeting.

Step 5:
Take what you have learned, the awareness you now have and integrate it into your daily living.

Week 1 – Week of November 19th 2018
One on One calls (30mins per person individually)

Week 2 – Tuesday November 27th 7:30pm
“Making Space”
We will delve into clearing, purging, cutting cords and FORGIVENESS.

Week 3- Tuesday December 4th 7:30pm
“Becoming a Vibrational Match”
What is Self Love? What is your personal Love Language or ‘currency’? How to be loving with self on ALL levels.

Week 4 –Tuesday December 11th 7:30pm
“Divine Relationships”
Soul Mates vs Twin Flames and Divine and Wounded Masculine and Feminine Energies

Week 5 – Tuesday December 18th 7:30pm
“What next”
Awareness/ Healing / collapsing Time lines and moving forward as an expression of LOVE.

1-30 Min call
4-60 Min sessions (to a max of 90mins)
Access to a private Facebook Group
UNLIMITED shifting potential
$197 CDN pp (MAX 10 people)


What this is NOT:

A forum to bash your ex or engage in any negative talk that does not serve as a means to your own inner healing.

A ‘do to’ process. I believe all healing is SELF HEALING. This is very much a “do with” engagement where I will guide you to your own higher levels of self healing and mastery.


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