Devour Each Page

From the perspective of your soul; each and every page of the book that is the story of your life was written with pain staking precision and unwavering love.

Every person you were meant to meet, each experience you were/are going to have; were all a part of a beautiful masterpiece.

It is only the Ego/personality that determines that a certain page or chapter of the book was not ‘good’. Only the Ego; who is the part of you that does not understand would convince you that you are anything less than a miracle.

The Ego, with it’s limited view and mass distorted programming, one must ask themselves:

“Who am I to dishonor the sacred journey consciousness has chosen to experience through me?”

“Who am I to deem the magnificent work of my soul to be anything other than perfection?”

From the perspective of the Akashic Records; you are always only every experiencing that which is in full resonance with the frequency you are holding. Your “3D” Akashic Record is being played out while you hold 3D frequencies as those experiences are only available in the 3D – yet your Akashic record is FULL of opportunities still to come.

Your Dharmic life awaits..

We often relate to the Akashic Record as being filled with karmic relations and contracts that we deem to be ‘lessons’ yet in the eyes of the soul, they simply ‘are’. The Akashic Record holds that which is written in the pages of our higher dimensional chapters also. It’s all coming … 

So where ever you find yourself, whatever your experience in the now; challenge yourself to DEVOUR it. To Be in it fully, allow consciousness to consume every facet and honour the writer of the script. This is the way to the chapter you are waiting for….We don’t manifest the future, we devour where we are and align to what is next. I assure you, your next chapter is going to be magical.