Energy Alignment

First and foremost you need to understand that everything is ENERGY.  Every material item, our physical being, every thought, belief, spoken word and emotion are all ENERGY.

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I understand the language of ENERGY.  That time is a human concept not an energetic one. Working as a conduit for source energy in Quantum, the healing power of the Angels, Intergalactic beings of light and your own Higher Self we ask that the energies from this life time and past ones that are no longer serving and supporting your human experience be removed.

We then replace that energy with the newest Ascension Light Codes aligning you to experience Freedom, Choice, Vitality, Abundance and more…

This is an intuitively guided process and is different for each person.

I also understand that your physical body is in many ways like a computer.  It has the ability to ‘listen’ to your Mind (ego), your Soul and your Higher Self yet so often it loses connection with your Soul and Higher Self and only takes instruction from the Mind.  By aligning your Mind, Soul, Body and Spirit I am able to move stagnant energy with in the Mind and Body that may be causing dis-ease (discomfort)

If you are interested in learning how Energy Alignment may help you in your journey click here to start a conversation.

Please note:  Energy Alignment is NOT a replacement for any form of Medical intervention