Fully Step into your Light

Are you somewhere on the spiritual path where you are opening up to your gifts but don’t know how to use them or even interpret them sometimes?
Have you had some *interesting* experiences and wish you had someone who could understand and hold space for you in a non judgmental way?
Do you KNOW there is more within you but you just don’t seem to know how to access it?
Awakening Intensive

As a  Life Coach and Spiritual Guide  (intuitive and interpreter of all things energy) I am here  to support you in FULLY Stepping into Your Light!


I help light workers understand their gifts so they can use them in a powerful and confident way. I teach them the intricacies of the energy world uncovering and removing all or any blocks that might be holding their light back.
I work in the shadow of the Lightworker so they can bring in MORE light to themselves and the planet.
I help newly awakened souls untangle themselves so they can feel empowered and confident in their experiences and where they are headed.
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