Law of Attraction; when the Ego plays the game…

If you have been in the spiritual communities for any length of time you’ve probably been exposed to Law of Attraction in one form or another.  Whether it’s the teachings of “Abraham” (as channelled by Ester Hicks) or attended a Vision Board workshop; being taught how to create your own reality,  how to manifest, how to fly on a “high flying disc” or be “in the vortex” it has all likely been your experience.

I was one of those teachers.  Every year I would host; one, sometimes even two Vision Board events when I would teach the inner workings of the language of the Universe as it applies to manifestation.  I would ride a high; my own version of the ‘high flying disc’ as I presented the messaging around  frequency and energy and being in alignment.  I LOVED teaching Law of Attraction!

As I progress along my own journey of expansion and remembrance exploring and learning the energies of New Earth; ‘that’ version of Law of Attraction no longer resonates.   Allow me to explain.

Law of Attraction (LOA) IS real and true.  We do project an energetic frequency into the outer reality that creates our life experience.  At the same time; our soul plan is playing out. The soul plan that we came in with to have experiences that would provide Akashic clearing, remembrance and expansion.

What I found is that LOA  in its most basic sense (which is often the version the Ego holds onto) is often used as a new toy for the Ego to play with.  To have fun with and often be frustrated by .  The Ego decides it wants to manifest a trip, a car, a new partner, or a million dollars and then may or may not take a few action steps toward that manifestation.  May or may not attempt to evolve enough to be in alignment of said desire… and then; most CERTAINLY  will be mad, disappointed and frustrated that the miracle of manifestation didn’t happen for them.

LOA isn’t and was never meant to be a game.  It was NEVER meant to be a new tool for the Ego to use to disempower you!

When used as a toy by the Ego;  the lack of manifestation brings about the idea that the Universe is outside of you, that IT determines IF you are worthy or not. It says that that you must have done something wrong or that that level of magic is for other people.

None of this is true.  YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.  You decide based upon your own inner frequency of self love, faith and remembrance of WHO you are… what you are worthy of.

Trust me; your soul would have played a much bigger game for you than the one you can create with a mind that holds onto its smallness at almost every turn.

The Ego is a child.  And like a child who lacks maturity (spiritual maturity) LOA becomes a game that is either played with success or not at all.  It wants control or plays the victim.

THIS is why I don’t teach Law of Attraction…

It’s meant to be a ‘gateway’, a teaching that triggers a remembrance deep within that YOU are the MIRACLE.  That you are a CREATOR being and have control over your life experience and that;


The truth about manifestation is that EVERYTHING that your human mind can’t even begin to conceive for you ALREADY EXISTS!… E V E R Y T H I N G. (this is what it means to be Quantum)

You; your soul aspect as a divine creator, spark of Source/God sat down and designed your life experience FOR you before you incarnated. Surrender to that…

You dropped into human form; forgot who you are and the power you hold, only to be on a journey of a life time to REMEMBER.  Do you think that you were the ONE soul that just so happened to do a crap job at designing your personal human journey?

Really ?????

NO!  I refuse to believe that.  We are ALL EQUAL and MAGICAL and POWERFUL … everyone of of us!   EVERYTHING exists for us ALL!

We simply have to heal and release the parts of ourselves that believe that we are ‘less than’, that we are ‘unworthy’ and aren’t ‘special’ .  THIS is the message of Law of Attraction:


When you emit a frequency from your ‘truth’ that you ARE worthy… worthiness is delivered.  When you remember that you are a MIRACLE… miracles are delivered.

Will there be snafus and hiccups along the way? Of course! And in there lies your POWER  to decide HOW you are going to react.  Are you going to see the expansion in what is being presented or fall into victim consciousness?   This is the power of Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is true and real but not in the context the Ego tries to ‘play’ it.   It requires depth, maturity and courage to go to the  places that tell you that you are unworthy.  To sit in your own shadow and allow it to transform you.  It is NOT a game.

We are here to be the most Divine expression of our soul in human form.  THAT is the powerful CREATOR aspect of us; the one that knows what is possible.  That can easily stand in the truth of our limitlessness.  The one that has never forgotten WHO we really are.

Stop playing the Ego version of LOA and get to work.  Your soul designed a life for you that is going to blow your mind!   I PROMISE you that!

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