Meditation -more than the “OM”

Have you ever wondered WHY meditation is touted to be a ‘miracle solution’ to so many physical, emotional and spiritual ailments?

Are you curious as to WHY meditation, hypnosis and affirmations are the KEYS to a strong MINDSET practice?

Do you ‘wish’ you could have/be/do MORE in your life and just can’t seem to find the secret code to SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT?

Join me on a “Journey of the Mind”

Meditation (1)

1. I’ll help you understand HOW your Ego came to be….
2. What having an EGO means….
3. How to recognize when it’s running the show and keeping you from growth, expansion and enlightenment.
4. How to tap into the magical programming held within the unconscious mind…
5. How to heal, shift and elevate your vibrational frequency using meditation…
6. I’ll bust through many of the myths about meditation


7. I’ll guide you through a beautiful healing Guided Meditation at the end of the workshop.

If you want to start or deepen your meditation practice this workshop will help you understand just how POWERFUL you really are!

When: Thursday February 21st  7:30pm-9pm EST
Where: Virtual – comfort of your own home (Zoom platform)
Cost: $25.00 cdn

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This event will be supported by WEEKLY SELF CARE SUNDAY virtual guided meditation gatherings. At this event you will experience:

A Group Guided Meditation
Q & A
Light Language Attunement
“Whispers of Love” Card guidance