Neuroplasticity is KEY!

Once you’ve ascended to the 5th dimension you are navigating multiple dimensional realities at once. The human would call it ‘bi-location, tri-location etc.’. This means that there is an awareness of multiple dimensional realities all happening at the same time. This requires the mind to be able to hold all of the realities and potentials.

While in the 4th dimension (where we are now collectively) you can begin to aid in this process by expanding everything you think, believe and interact with into as many possibilities of ‘truth’ as you can. Aka – making your mind MORE ‘elastic’, less locked into linear patterns and beliefs. 

Challenge yourself to explore rather than assume/judge that you already “know”.

In the 3rd dimension there was very clearly only ONE option available at any given time; one answer, one option, one right, one way to do things (generally speaking). We now are being encouraged to see our reality through as many lenses as possible.

For example;

3D – water is used to hydrate, to wash, to cook – its ‘just’ water

4D+ – (3D understanding PLUS) – water is consciousness and therefore can be encoded and programmed to bring about healing, to shift realities, to hold codes and information, to recalibrate and balance our electromagnetic field, to be a conduit for remembering of our aquatic soul expressions/fractals (a portal if you will)- what else can you consider?

Another great example is:

3D – this person is my ‘enemy’ ( a friend, partner, neighbour, parent) they are the victimizer and I am their victim.

4D+ – while this may be true from ONE perspective, it is also ‘true’ that they are your greatest teacher, that you at a soul level contracted this person and event to be a part of your experience, that you may also be their opportunity for expansion and growth, that by transcending this event you both offer an energy to the collective (quantum) field that is an example for everyone – what else can you consider? 

Simply put: In the old reality; knowledge was power. In the new one; knowledge is ignorance, as there is always another multidimensional layer to be revealed.

The energies being presented at this time on a collective level are aiding in helping with this by opening up your neural pathways. For you, it may present as the inability to retrieve words and/ or follow or create linear thought. You are NOT losing your mind, its expanding!