Neutrality is HOW we Ascend

Neutrality is HOW we Ascend

You don’t have to look far to see that the ‘pendulum’ is swinging; mask,no mask, covid confusion, va-x, no va-x, light vs dark, evil agendas, stories and narratives GALORE!

Our ‘job’ as the awakened and aware is NOT to paint everything with a “Love & Light” brush, but to bring everything into NEUTRALITY. To harmonize the polarity if you will.

Just as on our individual journey’s we were asked to look at our shadow, to delve deep into our own darkness/distortions and NEUTRALIZE them with acceptance and love… we must do the same for the collective. Inner-stand that everything that exists on the material plane does so for a reason. Collective manifestation is real, if “it” (whatever It might represent to you) is here.. it’s because someone or some people need it to be – UNTIL it doesn’t.

You don’t have to agree with everything going on but if you can find acceptance in this higher truth you will find your zero point/neutrality much easier. Source does not judge what is good and what is bad. ALL just is.

When we choose love and light, joy, good we activate RESISTANCE in the quantum field against suffering, dark, hate and bad… THIS is what keeps the pendulum swinging. It is what keeps us in judgement, energetically invested and ultimately keeps us from ascending.

We can ONLY ascend from Zero Point Neutrality. When we can look at something and say “I am complete with this; I see neither Joy nor Suffering (neither Love nor Hate, neither Good nor Bad) in it for me“. We neutralize the need for its existence and make room for NEW.

Making room for NEW experiences/creations is what we all desire as ascending beings. Find your authentic NEUTRAL point and allow ‘it’ to leave your reality. Beware that this must come from a place of wisdom and higher consciousness, the Ego will manipulate you into apathy and numbness and call it NEUTRAL… its not the same.

Also know that it is ok if you need to swing on the pendulum for a while, to experience the polarity of both sides until you find your neutral. In many cases that’s what it is to be human. I share this so you may inner-stand what is the ‘goal’. Where do you land when you’ve truly exhausted yourself.

Inner stand that ‘reaching’ for Love & Light is a polarity all of its own….Neutral is your home, its where you tune into to what is possible and true…