One on One Sessions

Are you feeling UNDER whelmed about your life? When you really consider how your life ‘FEELS‘ (instead of how it LOOKS) do you come up with answers like; “blah” or “meh” or “how did I get here!?”.  Do you feel like you have been ‘asleep’ for most of your life so far?

Whether you have recently experienced a life transition or you are just waking up after a long sleep of subscribing to the ‘labels’ that were assigned to you;  either way you’ve come to the right place.Create a life#2

Schedule a One on One session with me and I’ll begin to guide you on a journey back to YOU.

We’ll peel back the layers of thoughts, belief systems and labels that you’ve been living up to and get you back in touch with your Confidence, Passion and sense of Worthiness.

My toolbox is bulging with everything you’ll need from coaching techniques and spiritual concepts to personal experiences. (read about my personal story here)

Contact me to arrange your personal One on One session.

One on One investment $125.00 /hr…..having Clarity, Confidence and Passion priceless.

Here’s what Danielle had to say: 

“Before coaching with Sheila I was very unsure of the direction in my life and needed help finding my path and what would make me happy.  I felt like I didn’t matter and what I wanted in life wasn’t important.  Through working with Sheila I discovered a lot about who I am and what I am worthy of.  I have stopped living my life by other peoples expectations.  I have a better relationship with myself now and that is affecting my family in a big way.  My advice for anyone thinking of working with Sheila is to go with an open mind; what I thought I needed to work on wasn’t exactly what I gained from my sessions.  Just let the sessions flow, be honest and you will get out of it what you NEED.   Thank you Sheila for helping me find me!”                                      Danielle C, Oakville