Opposites DO NOT attract!

Have you ever either been in a relationship or heard about one where the phrase “Opposites Attract” has come up?

It’s a pretty popular concept that is used wide spread across humanity to explain those seemingly OPPOSITE two that join in union and call the relationship LOVE.

What if I were to tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for that to be true?


You see, everything is energy and energy only knows ONE RULE…. “like” attracts “like”. Which on the flip side also means that non- ‘like’ repels. Think about it… if the North Pole and South Pole were attracted to one another… the world really would be flat! (or donut shaped ?lol). Oil and water would mix beautifully, Darkness wouldn’t be possible as the absence of light.. the examples go on and on.

We know, believe and trust fully the ‘like” attracts “like” rule in all other facets of life.. except when it comes to LOVE.

So when two seemingly OPPOSITE people come together in a relationship why is it that it works? Because in actuality… ‘like’ HAS actually attracted ‘like’…

When one person in the relationship is ‘needy’ they will attract someone to them that is willing to pander to the neediness. Why? because that person is ‘needy’ too… they NEED to show their ability to give and are seeking validation and hustling for worthiness from others. This couple is just passing the same ‘wound’ back and forth to one another.

Insecurity is another popular relationship ‘wound’. When one partner is insecure they seek a partner who will validate them, love them, pay attention to them and thus make them feel more ‘secure’. Who they will attract will be someone who also seeks validation and love from others by being ‘of service’.

Narcissists are self focused due to lack of confidence and a need to be controlling to feel safe. It comes across as OVER confidence and self-centered egotism but in actuality; deep down it’s insecurity wearing a mask. This type of person will also attract NOT another narcissist but someone who wears their wound closer to the surface by being an over giver, door mat type. Willing to hustle for love and take whatever scraps are tossed their way. Both have the same ‘wound’….

All the possible combinations are workable when you convince yourself you are participating in the name of LOVE. But is it? is it truly LOVE? or just a band-aid that covers a deeper wound requiring healing?

Do you find yourself in the SAME relationship over and over with different people? perhaps this is the reason why.

Opposites DO NOT attract.

Looking for LOVE? do you have your ‘list’ of qualities you are hoping to find in a potential partner? Confident? Emotionally available? Loving? Romantic? Funny? Successful? Financially stable?……

Remember that ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ and you’ll know where to start!