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I am so excited and humbled to be offering an exclusive Membership Community!

If you are on the spiritual awakening path and finding yourself :

  • feeling lonely
  • feeling lost
  • feeling unsupported
  • feeling confused
  • longing to find your ‘purpose’
  • struggling to figure out how to be in your life – and- honour your soul’s call for change
  • or simply have a thirst for more knowledge and perspectives to consider…

….to name a few

Soul Space Community – Monthly Membership Group

Then I’d love the opportunity to offer you a place of support, guidance and love!

Since my awakening in 2012, I have been on an intensive inner journey of healing, clearing karma (from all directions!), undoing and remembering who I am. I am first and foremost a soul having a human experience, just like you. I am also a Starseed, Lightworker, Twin flame, Way shower, and Mother. Some of these labels may be familiar to you too; that is what brought us together.

The energies on the planet, Earth and our Guides are calling out to us all – NOW. To step it up, let the ‘old’ go and align ourselves to creating and bringing forth the New Earth experience we came here to create. None of us came here to suffer. That was simply a program the mind in an old system. We came here and experienced this ‘suffering’ so we would have understanding and context of what humanity needed. Humanity needs us now.

We all have gifts, knowledge and incredible potentials hidden away from us that will make our mission here one of the most amazing adventures our souls have ever had. Those ‘treasures’ lie beneath the wounds, trauma, programs and experiences that got us ‘here’. It’s time; with love, to let them go. To become whole again, aligned with our truth and souls unique essence.

I want you to know that all of those that came before you are ready to pitch in and help. To BE your beacon of **LIGHT** until you find your own. To guide you and get you up and running.

It is my hope to be that for you.

I’ll be running this group via Patreon and Zoom. The Patreon portion will take care of payments and allow us to engage privately in a PRIVATE group social media setting. I’ll be sharing resources, information and links for our sessions. You’ll be able to engage with me and with the other members on Patreon too! Zoom is where we will meet 4 times a month to connect explore, share, grow and heal TOGETHER.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly (4 times a month) Zoom interactive virtual meetings
  • I’ll teach various topics related to: healing, awakening, esoteric and metaphysical topics, consciousness and energy
  • You will have an opportunity to share, ask questions and receive guidance and support personal to YOU.
  • In time, I may also add in guest speakers (…we’ll see)
  • You’ll be connecting with people from around the corner to around the world that are just like you
  • You’ll be seen, loved and accepted for who you are… possibly for the first time.

** If coming on camera is not your thing, don’t worry you are welcome to come and listen, integrate and feel supported in your journey in privacy – this is YOUR time.

**recordings will be available ONLY on Patreon (members only) for 28 days after each gathering

  • Wednesday Mar 8th – 7:30pm EST
  • Tuesday Mar 14th – 2:00pm EST
  • Sunday Mar 19th -12:00pm EST
  • Wednesday Mar 29th – 7:30pm EST

Click here to join!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost? The cost is $22USD or $32CDN charged monthly based upon the date you joined through Patreon.

Can I cancel anytime? YES! anytime you feel the space is no longer in resonance, you may cancel your membership.

Can I get a refund? No, unfortunately once your payment has been made access to the content and sessions is available to you for the entire month of payment.

Can I get a partial refund for time not used? No, unfortunately your payment gives you access to the content (current and past) for the entire month. You will no longer be charged on the date of your subscription once you cancel.

Do I have to attend all the scheduled sessions? No, while you are welcome to; you are free to attend ONLY the sessions that you feel will support you best. If it is 1 session plus the content and resources made available via the Patreon group or all 4 sessions. You are free to choose – make it your own !

What if I miss a session? all sessions will be recorded on Zoom and the link will be made available in the Patreon group for 28days after the session time.

Can I bring a friend? While I hope that you’ll love your experience so much that you’ll share with friends, the sessions and access to the Patreon resources is for members only.

If you have more questions, please feel free to (click here) and email me .

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