People Pleaser Rehab

***This is a Virtual/ Interactive Workshop***

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Are you a chronic People Pleaser?
Are you everyone’s “saviour” or ‘rescuer” ?
Are you tired of it always being about everyone else?
Do you struggle with ‘using your voice’ or speaking up for yourself?
Does Self Love feel self – ish and foreign?
Is establishing healthy boundaries with others difficult for you?
Do the same patterns show up again and again in various relationships?

Are you READY to learn and change?

READY to break the pattern, heal and step into a new shifted dynamic that is healthier for everyone involved?

As an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Guide and recovered ‘People Pleaser’ I understand this dynamic. I have healed it within myself and MANY of my clients. I see it in its human form as a behaviour pattern, as an energetic wound that often carries some ancestoral weight and also how it all fits into your souls purpose/contract .

Here’s what you’ll experience:

WEEK #1 Feb 11-15th – 20 Minute Discovery Call
Each participant will receive a 20 min One on One Discovery call with me. This will be your opportunity to tell me what you are experiencing so I can make sure your specific issue is cleared during the program while protecting your privacy. (this is a group program)

Week #2 Feb 19th- The Drama Triangle
I will teach a concept called the ‘Drama Triangle‘. This will help you understand the role you play in each and every relationship dynamic. I will teach you tools and perspectives that will allow you to harness your voice, your power and confidence in shifting your role to one that is much healthier for all involved.

Week #3 Feb 26th – Self Love and Loving Boundaries
Having healthy, loving boundaries with others is an EXTREME form of Self care and Self love. We will talk about your individual love currencies and how to apply them in your daily life. I will guide you through the process of HOW to create self loving boundaries with others as this is the basis of cracking the People Pleasing behaviour.

Week #4 Mar 5th – Living in the Divine Energies
As a soul having a human experience it is important to understand the energies of the Divine. Every living thing has both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. This week I will teach you about them and how to live through them for your SOULS highest expression in human form.

Week #5 Mar 12th – Moving forward with Love and Intention
Recap what we’ve learned
Clear any remaining questions or resistant thoughts
Filling your tool box with tips, tools and ideas that will help you move forward as an expression of Love for yourself and others.

When: EVERY TUESDAY evening 7:30-9pm (4 weeks)
Where: ZOOM video conference aka the Comfort of your OWN home
Cost : $197.00

Breaking this behaviour and belief system once and for all means LIBERATION, SELF LOVE and FREEDOM… you are worth it!

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