Powerful 2020 Energies are here!

The energies of 2020 have been available to us for some time now although most of us are just tuning in now and if not; here is your nudge. As ascending beings on Mother Earth (yes, this includes those who don’t know its even happening and those who don’t care!) we have been under cosmic and energetic influences that have aided us in our awakening, integrating, and up leveling for the better part of 7rys now. (the fuller story is that its much longer than that)

We are ever being encouraged and supported to release the outdated beliefs of the Ego and step more deeply into our individual and collective Divine Essence.  These next few weeks will be no different.  As a matter of fact they will be providing us with even MORE opportunity to really get clear on what we want the next year, cycle, and decade to be .

As I write this message to you we are in the energy of a NEW MOON in Sagittarius; an energy that is asking us to start over, to rework and reach just a little further than we ever have beyond any perceived limitation we may hold. This is just the beginning of a ‘corridor’ of Cosmic Events and Energies that are going to encourage us to and help us get aligned and engaged with the 2020 timeline.

Some background information:

The year 2020 has always been touted as being a benchmark for the ascension process. Although the ascension itself was only ever a probability; that infact came to fruition, the year 2020 was considered ‘goal’.  On Dec 12 2012 Mother Gaia ascended into the 5th dimension and promised to ‘hold the door’ open for us all; her inhabitants.  The reason you may not be experiencing 5D Gaia (most aren’t) is due to our own density (and alignment with 3D) that is ever being released and replaced with *LIGHT*… this is in essence the ‘ascension’ process.  The ‘holding of the door’ manifested in our linear timeline as a series of portals and gateways where 3d Earth and its inhabitants would be ‘gifted’ cosmic events and energies to aid in our individual and collective awakening and ultimate ascension.  We are most definitely on the last push to integrate ALL of the new energies available to us now as we close out linear 2019.  The energies provided by the portals and gateways offered us light codes and DNA activations that would aid in our awakening.  Each year, each portal increasing in intensity.  By the end of 2019 they will ALL be open and available .  What this means for the collective is that as each awakens and achieves an inner frequency that matches the portal/gateway they will pass “through’ and proceed on to another and another.  Thus your 2019 might be someone elses 2024 energetic experience.  Each having their own awakening and  ascension experience in divine time. 
 With that being said; the remainder of 2019 has LOTS of OPPORTUNITY!

Pre- Dec 1st :  align with your highest intentions for how your personal and the collective 2020 year will unfold. Manifestation is FASTER than ever before.  I recommend you anchoring your intentions in the physical by writing them down.

Dec 4-9th : Energies are likely to heighten as the 12/12 portal opens.  You may experience any or all of the numerous symptoms; hydrate, rest and honor your body. 

Dec 11th :  Full Moon; this is a time of heightened energy.  Allow what is leaving or coming up for release to go… release with love and gratitude as you are being ushered into the NEW.

Dec 12th: Chiron the planet of the ‘wounded healer’ goes direct after its retrograde since July. A time when the wounds we all have buried deep in the unconscious were pushed to the surface for healing and love.

Dec 12th:  12/12 Gateway.  The 7yr Anniversary of Gaia’s Ascension. This is the LAST day of the activation date sequences (11/11, 12/12 etc)

Dec 21st: Winter Solstice; always a potent energy day, expect this to be no different

Dec 25th : NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE expect a very strong influx of  *LIGHT*

Jan 1st:  New Year, New beginnings.  As the awakened and non awakened collective amplify the alignment to NEW this day becomes a Global event!


This is such an incredibly exciting time to BE.  It’s also a busy time and somewhat stressful time for some due to the holidays and all the pressure they can put upon us to have more, do more , be more……  Try to find your balance.  Stay in your heart as often as you can and hold yourself aligned to what REALLY matters. 

Your intentions, beliefs and actions in harmony are so very important in these higher energies. 

 Prepare and plan for what YOU need in order to experience these last few weeks with ease and grace. I have a few One on One sessions left before the New Year.. let’s explore what BEING YOU in 2020 will be!

In gratitude to Sandra Walters for inspiring this blog