Rise UP !

What I have come to ‘inner-stand’ on my journey so far is that being a LIGHTWORKER actually means I work with darkness. I have observed, healed and released many many layers of my own ‘shadow’ and now guide and assist my clients and groups do the same . This work is so sacred and divine.
Your “work” … your Sacred Divine, individual Lightwork is to heal the Ego. The Ego aspect of your human condition that tells you WHO you are, WHAT to believe and WHAT you are worth. Once the Ego is understood, honored, loved and aligned back with the Divine self… you will become MORE.
You’ll be MORE loving, MORE patient, MORE aligned to your higher purpose and MORE ABUNDANT in ways you didn’t know were possible.

 Divine Perfection and Abundance is WHO you ARE!


Rise Up

September 23rd – November 4th 2019

Join me and RISE UP:

  • 6 weeks membership to a private facebook group.
  • 6 weekly deep dives into various personal topics that will elevate your own “innerstanding” of self.
  • 6 weekly pre-call energy alignments (prior to the ZOOM group session)
  • 6 weekly ZOOM (virtual chat) 1.5-2hr lessons /Q & A – held Monday evenings (recording available).
  • 6 weekly channeled healing meditations customized to the topic of the week (posted in the group for daily use).
  • Daily spiritual practices and accountability that will help raise your frequency as you heal.
  • Love, guidance and support from me.
  • Impromptu channeling, links and Light Language Attunement as guided by spirit.


Week 1  (Monday  Sept 23rd) –” Understanding YOUR Ego”  (prework must be completed before the group session)

Week 2  (Monday Sept 30th)– “Understanding the role YOU  play in Relationships”

Week 3 (Monday Oct 7th)–”Understanding LOVE”– self love and love as an emotion vs love as a frequency (prework to be completed before the group session)

Week 4 (Monday Oct 21st) – “Understanding YOUR Inner Child” – powerful Inner child healing done this week

Week 5 (Monday Oct  28th)– “Understanding the Divine Self “– intergalactic and multidimensional levels discussed.

Week 6 (Monday Nov 4th) – “Understanding the Divine Energies” – releasing the wounded masculine/feminine and aligning to the divine feminine/masculine energies of the NEW EARTH.

Cost:  $444.00 CDN


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Then secure your spot with your $100 deposit OR payment in FULL:

Etransfer to sheila@sheilahill.ca /  Paypal : www.paypal.me/sheilahill72

Payment plan:

$100 upon registration / $122 due by Sept 20th/  $222 due by October 11

All payments are NON-refundable/ Credit card payments please add 2%

Registration closes Friday September 20th – 8 People MAX.