Say NO to FOMO

Do you scroll through your social media threads and begin to sink at the sight that EVERYONE in the world seems to be having a better life than you?

You need to remember that what most people put on social media is their ‘highlight‘ reel while you are looking at your own life through the lens of reality…

BUT! this very real scenario does bring down a lot of people and sometimes can even bring on feelings of anxiety, worthlessness or worse!

The purpose of this article is to help you Say NO to FOMO!


The “FEAR OF MISSING OUT” is actually a giving away of your power.

When you fear that you might miss something really cool, exciting or fun you are actually saying to yourself;

“I don’t know what’s best for me”

“I don’t trust myself to make good/right decisions”

“If I miss judge this decision the others won’t like me, accept me or even love me”

FOMO does nothing but tear down your self confidence and sense of worth. So let’s call it what it really is so you can start catching yourself and stop giving your POWER away!

When you stand fully in your POWER (you feel confident and worthy) you make decisions and don’t look back. You can skip a party in the name of self care if that’s what you feel you need more. You can choose between two events and be at peace and fully enjoy the one you chose. You aren’t contaminating each and every experience in the name of “what am I missing ?“… you are living fully in the NOW of “I am experiencing THIS!“.

The second part of saying NO to FOMO is saying YES to FAITH.

Faith that you are always exactly where you are supposed to be… experiencing what you are supposed to be experiencing. Faith speaks through your intuition. That little voice that helps you decide what is best for you. You are always being guided to meet who you are supposed to meet and experience what you are supposed to every single day. So look at life as an adventure with no right, and no wrong.

You DO have the ability to make wise decisions for yourself. So make them! and go and be fully where ever you decide to be! That is saying NO to FOMO.. and that is POWERFUL!