Soul Space FALL Retreat – 2018

September always has a NEW YEAR feel doesn’t it?

After the energies of the summer; the fall seems like an opportune time to REBIRTH a whole new version of YOU!

A weekend of Self Love, Self Exploration, Spirituality and Humanity all rolled into one.

Soul Space Fall Retreat

Soul Space retreat FALL 2018

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. A weekend away to Brechin Ontario ( 2hrs from Oakville, we can plan to car pool)
2. A full two and half days with professional Life Coach, Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer; Sheila Hill.
3. A curriculum of activities that will allow you to explore yourself as a women, as a human and a spiritual being. (free time will also be given to allow for rest and integration)
4. All meals, snack and beverages provided by an onsite Vegan chef. (if you aren’t vegan…. I’m not either and the food is AMAZING!)
5. Bonding, Learning and Nurturing yourself in the energy of other amazing like minded women.

This is the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME an entire weekend to explore YOU.

This is an intimate small group retreat;
**** only 10 attendees***

Cost:  $555.00 per person  **pay in full upon registration OR $150 deposit and then two installments on Sept 7 ($205) and Sept 21st ($200)

$150 upon registration to deposit to secure your spot

REGISTER NOW by emailing me at

The fine print:

The facility is a modern family cottage nestled in nature on Lake Simcoe. It is a 7 bedroom , 4 bathroom modern and clean facility with lake front view. There are King, Double and Single bed options and every attempt will be made to accomodate sharing (or non-sharing )preferences on a first come first serve basis.

All bedding and towels are supplied.

This is an ALCOHOL FREE weekend.

All the amenities of home without the work!

A NOTE from the host:  Sheila Hill has many activities, discussions, learnings and surprises planned for this event and feels that sometimes going in NOT knowing makes for a richer experience. Non attachment to outcome allows you and the energy to be in flow for everyone’s highest and best good.

You are welcome to email her with any questions you may have.

Here’s what some of the Spring Retreat Guests had to say

“I attended the spring retreat and it definitely changed my life in more ways than one. I am now more in tune with my self care regiment, have learned a lot about triggers and have released many things that were holding me back. I met some great women who I will forever be connected with. It was a big shift for me and a release and I would highly recommend it. I’ve also discovered some gifts that I never knew I had! The food was fantastic too as well as the accommodations were beautiful. 100 thumbs up!”   Laurie N

“The retreat for me was a great place of self exploration. A way to really dig a lot deeper and become more self aware. I have been on other retreats but none have ever compared with the amount of quality content you provided.”  Heather K.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this retreat is an opportunity to connect with other special people. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be supported and accepted and you will come back to your life changed and transformed ready to tackle the next chapter”  Maria C

“We laughed until our faces hurt, we cried, we ate beautiful food, rested, took in the glory of nature and literally danced in the rain”   Shelley B.

Some truths:

If this event speaks to you, there is a reason… you should listen. It is likely your own soul and guides that have directed you here, saying : “.. you should go! let us help you connect with the most amazing, beautiful and powerful version of you you’ve ever known”….

When you set the intention for shifts to happen, healing to occur at a deep level and truly open the door for transformation … it happens! (energy is a powerful thing)

When you register and align energetically with Sheila and all the possibilities that are your souls essence; energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attachments) start to drop off to allow MAGIC to flow in.

When you say “YES” to you!… the universe, your guides and more importantly your soul, says: “FINALLY!”

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Our beautiful retreat facility

Click here for more photos of the Spring 2018 retreat