Soul Space Retreat – Spring 2018

Spring is the perfect time to birth a NEW YOU!!

A weekend of Self Love, Self Exploration, Spirituality and Humanity all rolled into one.


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We’re Back … and it was AMAZING!!!!

A sisterhood was born.  Friday evenings opening circle was the creation of a sacred space were all fear, judgment and shyness was swept away. Leaving a vulnerable space for the guests to join together in love, healing and fun for the rest of the weekend.

We laughed, we cried , we danced and ate the most nourishing food.  Life long friendships were made and loving bonds gently stitched together the hearts of everyone.

The Fall Retreat (October 2018) is in the planning stages… me to get on the list.


Here is what some of the guests had to say:

“I loved every minute of it!…”

“Fabulously run and executed!  what a great group of people, the space was beautiful…incredible connections were fostered”

“Thank you so much for having me!  This weekend was so profound and a very important piece in my journey”

“What a simply perfect weekend!”

“it was a wonderful event and I would highly recommend it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the group of women, the activities and Jack (chef)…Thanks so much for putting this weekend together for us”




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The organizer; Sheila Hill has many activities, discussions, learnings and surprises planned for this event and feels that sometimes going in not knowing makes for a richer experience- non attachment to outcome allows you and the energy to be in flow for everyone’s highest and best.

You are welcome to email her with any questions you may have.

Here’s what some of the Fall  2017 Retreat Guests had to say:

Every single nerve in my body feels alive again!

Such an amazing experience this weekend.  My heart and soul thanks you.  You are a very special soul Sheila.  Leaving here today I feel like a little bird sitting in the palm of your hand.  You are releasing me and saying “fly bird fly”… thank you from the bottom of my heart

The retreat for me was a great place of self exploration. A way to really dig a lot deeper and become more self aware. I have been on other retreats but none have ever compared with the amount of quality content you provided.”

We laughed until our faces hurt, we cried, we ate beautiful food, rested, took in the glory of nature and literally danced in the rain”

Some truths:

If this event speaks to you, there is a reason… you should listen.  It is likely your own soul and guides that have directed you here, saying “.. you should go!  let us help you connect with the most amazing, beautiful and powerful version of you you’ve ever known”….

When you set the intention for shifts to happen, healing to occur at a deep level and truly open the door for transformation … it happens!  By entering into the healing relationship with Sheila, your guides and loved ones step up to ensure you get exactly what you need and are ready for out of the retreat experience. (energy is a powerful thing)

When you register and align energetically with Sheila and all the possibilities that are your souls essence;  energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attachments) start to drop off to allow  MAGIC to flow in.

When you say “YES” to you!… the universe, your guides and more importantly your soul, says: “FINALLY!”