Stay in Your Own Lane!


This is of course, is NOT an article about driving; although it probably would be good for you not to sway while driving either….

I have found in life that so much anxiety and general angst comes from feeling ‘less than’ due to  comparison and “keeping up with the Jones’”. Social media has a lot to do with it. I would skim the news feed on Facebook a few times a day watching everyone else’s “highlight” reel and find  that it would often cause an overwhelming sense of not being enough. Often I would forget that what I am seeing most of the time is just that;  the ‘highlights’ NOT the ‘reality’.

The Jones’ are taking their kids to Europe.. should I take mine to Europe? “OMG what if going to Europe is one of those foundational pillars in one’s life experiences and I will be the worst parent ever if I don’t provide this experience to my kids…! “

Jan from the gym just bought a new car.. “geez, my car is older; do I need a new car? what will people think of me driving around that old clunker?”

Look how ‘happy’ the Gilberts look; “I’ll never find that kind of happiness again…what is their secret?”

You get the jist, it goes on and on…..

Then there is the entrepreneurial side of me that used to get really wobbly when a fellow coach would put out a new offering. I would panic and spin wondering if what I offer was enough, up to date, needed, relevant or on point. Unleashing all kinds of fear that ‘they’ were going to get all the ‘good’ clients and I would have to hustle forever.…

Honestly the whole thing is crazy making!

So I decided to take the ‘crazy’ out. To put all the tools I have in my box to use and step away from lack and fear. I left the swaying and swerving in the rear view mirror and step fully into faith and integrity….  AND IT WORKS!

stay in your own lane

”There is your business, my business and God’s business”

(my reference to God is the all being; Universe, Source, Joe….whatever you want to call him. NOT the religious one. I am good with the word and hope not to offend anyone)

You mind your business, I’ll mind mine and well… God/Universe/Source will do whatever is needed to get us to where we need to be.

This is where I find my peace. I check in on every decision I make and ask… “does this feel good to me?”. I have a really good relationship with my body and my intuition so when it answers I listen. With unwaivering trust I listen. It’s simple and yet not always easy in a world where we are inundated with messages of do MORE, be MORE, achieve MORE.

I have faith that what is meant for me will NOT pass me by. That everyone is on their own journey and I need not know all the answers. That I am always where I am supposed to be doing what I am supposed to be doing. I also only BE, DO and SAY what feels totally and completely in integrity with who I am and how I choose to show up in the world. NO MORE CRAZY.

I “Stay in my own lane”… and don’t allow myself to be swayed into other’s ideas and ideals of how I should live or do business. It’s peaceful and rewarding…. you should try it!