Stop Seeking “Like-Minded”

It would appear that something we all desire as a form of human connection is to be with other like-minded people.  To be in relationships with and in community with others who believe what we do, think the way we think and generally behave in similar ways. It is a natural human desire because it makes our lives validated and comfortable.  

In reality, seeking like-minded people is actually a trauma response and a space where growth and evolution go to die….

As a trauma response, seeking like-minded people is a way to protect and isolate the wound or trauma.  It says: “If I surround myself with people who are the same as me, my reality will be safe.  My existence, beliefs and reality on the whole will not be challenged.  I will not be triggered and the change; healing and evolution that is constantly being asked of me will be kept at bay.”

The Ego believes; SAMENESS IS SAFE.

When we cluster in groups/friendships of like-minded people what we create energetically is an echo chamber.  

By definition:

an environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered”

The best example of this is found on social media.  Where a post is made and ‘everyone’ comments on how they agree with the post.  Enforcing a belief, thought or behaviour to be ‘true’.  Then comes along a person who has an alternate opinion, an alternate view point or some expanded information to add and either an argument ensues or that person is quickly ‘unfriended’.

One could say that in extreme expressions of an echo chamber; cancel culture is born.

What you want to attract into your life are like-hearted people.  Those that have the heart space to hold differences of opinion, thought or belief in a way that is honouring, kind and respectful.  Those people who are able to ‘live and let live’ while being open to learning, growing and accepting that there is no one truth or one way or one ‘right’.  

The goal is to align with people that can hold your relationship with them AND hold space for you both to grow.  People who will challenge you in a non-challenging way and see your difference as an opportunity not a threat. 

Like-hearted people operate from a place of openness and willingness to learn and expand instead of a place of protection and need to be ‘right’.

We are all here to be actors in each other play.  To trigger each other’s healing, growing and expansion.  The roles we play for each other aren’t always perceived through the lens of love as this too is a practice.  Yet it truly ALWAYS is….

Begin to observe what you are creating in your own personal reality; an opportunity to grow through attraction of like-hearted people or are you protecting your trauma by seeking like-minded ones.   Awareness is the key to change….