The ART of Manifesting Masterclass

Welcome to the Virtual Workshop


the art of manifesting

“The ART of Manifesting, HOW to Co-Create a New Reality”

Are there things, people and experiences you’d like to have in your life and can’t seem to make them happen?

Do you pray, ‘put it out there‘ and perhaps make a vision board each year only to have ‘ho hum’ results or none at all?

Do you hear words like ‘co-creator‘ or ‘creator of your reality‘ in the spiritual communities and yet don’t really understand?

Are you interested in REALLY mastering HOW to work with the Universe in aligning yourself to be able to experience an AMAZING, LOVE FILLED, ABUNDANT life?

This workshop WILL teach you all of this and MORE!

After this workshop you might want to create your own vision board, you might just have so much new knowledge that you’ll come to inner-stand that YOUR thoughts and beliefs ARE your living Vision Board!

You are going to be shifted energetically and EXPANDED in your thoughts and consciousness in a way that you never have before (otherwise you wouldn’t have been drawn to read this!)

….and then the real FUN will begin!

You: manifesting precisely the people, places and things you’ve always wanted.

Allow me to Bend your Mind, open your Heart and Expand your Consciousness!

When:    Monday Nov 18th at 7:30pm OR Sunday Nov 24th at 12:00pm EST
Where:    Zoom virtual meeting room aka the comfort of your own home.
Cost:     $33pp etransfered to  (or email me for a paypal link)

This workshop will run for approximately 1 1/2 hrs depending on the number of guests and questions.

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Please notify me if you are attending on the 18th or 24th.