The Ego Has Many Faces

We refer to the Ego as “the” as though it is only one aspect of us, nothing could be further than the truth ! The Ego fractalized off itself into as many aspects as were necessary to help you survive life. There isn’t just one, there are many.

For each experience you’ve had that you were unable to be fully present with; there was an Ego aspect created in order to help you navigate that particular event. That Ego aspect’s ‘job’ in its eyes is to keep you safe. As you awaken, expand in consciousness and begin to ascend it is critical to integrate and dissolve ALL of the Ego aspects back into you in Unity.

While you will never be without an Ego, you will no longer be mastered by it once the integration process has occurred. Being able to observe yourself in every now moment and identify which aspect of you is; engaging, reacting, responding or triggered is the key. This identification process will reveal to you the aspect of you that it was created to help you survive. Knowing that ultimately this aspect simply needs the love, attention and compassion that was not received originally.

Some common ones to be aware of are:

*The unworthy one (wounded feminine)

*The forceful one (wounded masculine)

*The immature one who refutes responsibility

*The uber responsible one (hyper independence)

*The arrogant one

*The spiritual one (Spiritual Ego)

*The narcissist one

*The one who numbs and retracts

*The victimizer

*The victim

There is no ‘Ego Death’ although it can feel that way at times (not physically, but mentally). The Ego is simply the aspects of you that needed more time, more love and more patience when the event happened that made that aspect necessary to navigate life.

We always approach the Ego with the love and respect it has duly earned. One way is to place your hand on your heart and say:

I see you, I know you represent a part of me that is afraid/ feels unlovable/ is angry. I know why you are here and I love you. Let’s move forward together, there is a better way….” (naturalize the wording in your own way)

Journalling is another great way to honour the Ego. Allow it to have it’s say! Get ‘it’ out of your system. Allow the childhood aspect of you to tell his/her ‘story’ through his/her unique lens or simply write about the memory that comes forth when that aspect presents itself.

The Ego dissolves with love back into your sacred heart where its influence can no longer ‘run’ your life, it surrenders into the safety and love of your higherself embodied. This is shadow work at its best…