The Empathic Truth

Your innate ability to ‘feel’ is your soul’s super power.  To feel all and everything; all of the time in its fullest purity of god/source consciousness AS god/source consciousness is why you are here.  

To love and be loved as a frequency.

The human journey teaches us not to feel.  To live from our heads instead of our heart, hold back, not disrupt the status quo.  Many empaths were told that they were ‘too much..’ or ‘too emotional..’ which embedded trauma and other distortions they later had to heal.  All leading them to believe that being able to ‘feel’ was a curse more than a super power.

Through the lens of 3rd dimensional spiritual teachings; empaths are made to be a special kind of victim.  Many being told by a guru or teacher that; “you are special because you feel and that this requires that you ‘protect’ yourself from others; shield yourself, avoid certain surroundings and experiences”.  That you were susceptible to other people’s energy and this meant YOU had to be vigilant (careful).  Often times this ‘teaching’ went down the road of fear propaganda; that somehow other people’s ‘entities’ and ‘demons’ could get on you, thus making your life a living hell.     All of these ideas keep empaths in victim consciousness.

Victimhood is a consciousness that we are here to transcend NOT perpetuate.

The higher dimensional truth (without duality)is that everyone is an empath and everyone is carrying density in their body, most of which is unconscious.  Upon awakening; your spiritual journey is about remembering who you are, expanding your consciousness and clearing the body of all density.  This is so you can become more of your soul’s true essence.  This purging process is happening 24/7 energetically whether you are consciously aware or not.

As an empath, when you  encounter someone whom ‘feels’ icky to you – you are not ‘picking up on their  frequency/vibe/density; you are feeling the energy between you and them harmonizing.  All things being energy; “like attracts like”.

We are all ONE, fractals of the same god/source/creator.  Divine pieces of the ONE WORLD SOUL.  As Ram Dass once said:  “We are all just walking each other home.”

So, with this in mind, understand that anything you ‘feel’ that you interpret as someone else’s’ ‘stuff’ is actually YOUR OWN stuff that you were not aware of.   That the energy you interpret as coming from another is actually their energy magnetizing itself to your SAME energy and pulling it to the surface for awareness and clearing.   In that, it is truly an act of LOVE.

“…on the days that I just can’t “people”;  I understand that it’s because there are too many versions of me out there for me to navigate all at once”

What a beautiful perspective to carry. 

Being an empath was never intended to make you a victim in any way; it is quite simply the entire universe conspiring to help you come back into the purity of your own soul.  AKA- “Walking you home…”

As you navigate your awakening and ascension path there will come a time where you will be neutral to the energy others bring to your experiences.  You will, in time, become the most dominating frequency of love and compassion everywhere you go as you embody more and more of your own soul/purity.  You will be able to ‘read’ the energy of others without feeling that you are engaging with it.  In this, you will have achieved a level of mastery that the old teachings would only ever serve to keep you from.  Let it go and embrace your ability to FEEL. Feel it all so that you may become ONE with all.