The END to Channeling… The Human is the HERO

The HERO is the human! There is nothing outside of you that is more/better than you. 

In the beginning for many, they receive and engage with energies outside of themselves in order to receive intel, guidance and messages; this is all part of the awakening and attunement process. During this time your higher self and guides (fractal aspects of you) are held outside of your physical form but inside your energetic bubble waiting to be integrated within.

This is also a time for an initiation process of discernment, to ensure that the energy (entity) you are engaging with is of the highest light, it also came with other levels of distortion in that the message is only as good as the human filter it was processed through. Dirty filter = dirty information so to speak. 

Being a channel is not a necessary part of the ascension journey and not a part of the path for everyone.

I personally never really was a channel. Briefly and sporadically, I would speak telepathically with Jesus, my higher self and another consciousness named Melchizedek but never anything reliable or ‘on demand’ as my human would have liked. Early in my journey I would think that I was doing something wrong; that my vibe was too low or I was too much in my Ego for them to get through. It created a lot of self-judgement and victim consciousness for me to work through.

I believed that I was the ‘problem’.

My strongest ability is Clair-cognizance, which means ‘inner knowing’. I can ‘see’ and telepathically communicate but my strongest ability is the ability to KNOW.

I know that which I technically shouldn’t and have learned to use my knowing to measure various options to see which one ‘hits’ as a truth. It’s been years of exploration, trust, trial and error. 

Yet here is the higher reality about the HERO being the human. As an ascending human we have the ability to BECOME that which we seek the guidance from outwardly. All of the Angelic, Ascended Masters, Deities and Galactics who are no longer in form ARE a representation of US and always has been. As we ascend, we no longer seek outside for anything. We fully integrate WITHIN our higher self – AND- the essence of us that is an Angelic, the essence of us that is an Ascended Master and the essence that is Galactic (many many dimensional fractals). All of the knowledge and wisdom of all of our ‘higher’ soul fractals become integrated within us via our DNA so that channeling anything outside of us becomes unnecessary. 

You; the human HERO, become unified within and walk the earth in physical form to share, inspire and create via the knowledge and wisdom of ALL of those fractals. 

I share this to not only help you see that YOU are the one that is REVERED but also to remind you not to attach to any form of channeling or believe that that is ‘the’ path to ascension. 

Unifying within is the goal, anything else is a distraction.