The Energy of Money Masterclass

What if I told you that MONEY is ENERGY ?
That money is LOVE
That money is an unlimited resource and YOU are entitled to have as much of it as you want !

Are you spiritually awakened and finding it a struggle to get the financial Abundance piece of your journey working for you?


It is true that we are here to be co creators, it’s our souls mission to manifest energy into physical form …

it is our innate magical gift to be Alchemists.

It is also true that we manifest every minute of every day through the frequency of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

So what’s tripping you up?

Join me for a ONE WEEK Masterclass on “The Energy of Money”

**stay tuned for future dates**

It's Money Week!! (3)

We’ll dig up, clean up and release your outdated and self sabotaging “money stories”, teach you about using your own energy, focus and intention to Self Heal (cut chord and clear karma), Create and Manifest. It’ll be a safe/private/non judgmental space for you to talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you think might be holding you back AND bring you ever closer to the ABUNDANCE you deserve!

Here’s what you’ll experience:

1. One week membership to a PRIVATE Facebook group. This means you can come and go, participate, observe, ask questions and share to your hearts content – ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!

2. Daily prompts, thoughts, questions and a DAILY VIDEO teaching from me; Sheila Hill, Intuitive Life Coach, Quantum Healer and Spiritual Guide.

3. Thursday Feb 6th at 7:30pm-9:30pm EST meet on Facebook LIVE for some intimate time together. I’ll provide a teaching and you’ll be able to ask questions and receive support/guidance and clarity ON THE SPOT.

4. You’ll receive some simple Money Affirmations and a guided meditation to take with you on your journey – post masterclass.

5. The biggest BONUS is that you’ll have my attention, guidance and LOVE for a whole week while you work through your energetic obstacles and heal your Money Story back to Abundance!

Here’s what one of the past clients had to say:
“I deeply enjoyed my experience in this class. It provoked personal exploration beyond my expectations. I especially enjoyed the respectful and supportive group forum. Most often money is a taboo subject, it is healing to explore it in a safe space” Kath, A Oakville

“I give this course a 10/10, one week can change your life!” Deb B, Mississauga

“Awesome class!! great content! I highly recommend it! Sheila is a MASTER and delves deep into the subject.  Do yourself a favor, you will NOT be sorry!”  Lisa, D  Arizona

Energy exchange: $55 CDN pp

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