The Inner Child Psy-op

At the core of every adult is an inner child.  One that was abandoned by its own aspect at approximately 5-7yrs old when the Ego was created.  It’s at this age when the ‘child’ realized that the outer reality was going to need to be ‘navigated’ and in that navigation; safety, love, validation and belonging were not a given. The inner child didn’t mature, the Ego took over and made decisions that would at best secure some of these needs.  This is the first abandonment of self; a wounding, never to be looked at until the adult is brought to the door of inner work and self-healing.

What we are witnessing now is a vile perpetration of the most valuable and vulnerable part of society: the children. I include the real children; those that are young and pure and currently being programmed to be afraid of their friends, to hate those that make different choices than them and are being told to ‘tow the line’ without a voice or consideration. Their innocence being ripped away from them and separation and fear being put in its place.   My heart breaks for these beautiful little souls and for all the undoing that will come in their lifetime after being collateral damage in this.

The other children that I wish to speak of today are the innocent inner children that live within each and every adult.  Those being affected by the greatest abusive psyop ever conducted on humanity in the history of time. 

The child longs to be loved, to be safe, to be validated and to experience a sense of belonging in the world.  Think Root Chakra.  The child looks to its parents, elders and authority figures for instruction on what is required OF them in order to fulfill these needs. Understand that the most direct route to the unconscious mind is to use these sacred ‘carrots’ if you will, as bait to ensure that behaviours, beliefs and states of being are being followed as requested. This is how the child is manipulated in order to gain access to the unconscious and then conscious adult behaviour. The best way to control an adult is to press on the wounds of its inner child.

Now consider what we are seeing play out in the world; an attack on the vary sacred needs of the one aspect each and every person has lost connection with…. Their inner child. 

“Be afraid” says mom/dad/government/doctor or authority figure:  you could die or someone you love could die thus triggering the deepest and original abandonment wound aka ‘the monster under your bed is REAL’

“Social Distance” = Separation; which only augments the wound of being separated from Source/God/Creator, separation from Self; that most haven’t had the opportunity to heal and destroys the one thing that makes us all the same; our need for connection.

“Do this and you’ll be accepted”

“Don’t do it and you won’t ‘belong’” 

“Take the thing and you’ll be valued as having done your part”: doing for others must come before caring for self, a distortion that has controlled the masses for eons.

“Don’t take the thing and you can only participate in parts of life that we say”; reward and punishment trigger the need to be accepted and included.

“Play the game by our rules”:  don’t, and you won’t be loved.

I am not saying the virus isn’t real. 

What I am saying is that how this event is being handled most certainly is an attack on the most vulnerable aspect of each and every one of us. 

I have sat with so many clients, observed on social media and experienced myself, the effects of this Psyop has had and the damage it has done to so many.  My work is with and healing the various aspects of the inner child.  Connecting to that part of myself and the inner child of others comes easily to me. I feel their pain, their confusion, the abandonment and how dishonoring all of this is. I know the intimate link that the inner child holds to the divine self.  That in its most untarnished state; the inner child holds the key to why we are here, to our authenticity, to love, unconditional acceptance and unity. 

I say again, the most vulnerable and valuable aspect is the child.  The child that longs to BE love and loved, to remember that it is always SAFE, the child that craves the ability and freedom to PLAY and CREATE. 

 The child that knows it is a spark of God. The child that lives within us all!

I also know that this is playing out in order to yield a much higher purpose for humanity.  That on some level the attack on the child is a CALL to rescue that part of each and every one of us. That from the highest place these events are intended to help push and squeeze the Ego into the realization of how it has been programmed and abused its whole life.  I KNOW this process is benevolent; while also a medicine with no sugar offered to help it go down.

Today it hurts.  Today I am mad and I know that beneath the anger is pain. 

Anger’s truth is always pain.  

I hurt for a world full of children who are so afraid, so separated from themselves, and so abused.  I wonder when the Ego will allow them to awaken, I wonder how far this will go, how much more damage will be done before we all return to the innocence and love that we ALL are at our very core.