The Matrix Is Your Lover

The first time I heard these words spoken by a spiritual teacher I was triggered. Having participated (thus far) in my own expansion of consciousness journey and ascension while guiding and teaching many others along the way about the density and polarity that resides in “The Matrix”; the thought of it being anything ‘good’ seemed unimaginable.

Yet, I sat with it.  I asked for clarity and I allowed for it to be “true” by holding myself in neutrality.  Now, I will  share with you my understanding of this new level of “truth”.  

But first some background:

As formless souls (infinite energetic beings), we come to earth to have a ‘formed’ experience.  To be physical and play in a physicalized reality.  In order to do this, we needed to be expressed in a frequency that could hold the full spectrum of physicalized possibilities (density).  This is what 3D is.  Earth is a playground for the soul.

The 3D Matrix:

The Earth experience is all a ‘matrix’ and is held in 12 dimensional Earthly fields (this is not the same as the 12thdimension).  In those fields are all the possible frequencies that allow ‘us’ to create and manifest that which we desire (alchemy).  It ALL being anchored by the 3D Matrix. (holographic reality).  As we ascend into the 5th dimension and beyond some physicalized experiences will not be supported as the frequency is too dense and must always match the frequency of the dimension to be alchemized. Dis-ease for example, does not exist in the 5th dimension and beyond as the ‘density’ of this manifestation is not supported by frequency. 

The forms of consciousness (energy/manifestations) or what is no longer supported in the higher dimensions is what is ‘dissolving’ or being purified now. The New Earth, 5D experience (in frequency) is still held in The Matrix (physicality).  In summary, there is nothing wrong with The Matrix.

The ‘inverted’ Matrix reality is where the distortion lies.  Where the Elite few are the puppet masters to the many.  Where density exists in ways it was never meant to (and yet from another perspective, was also perfect).  The inverted Matrix is that which is dissolving, the part of the human experience that is being elevated as a part of the ascension process.  The transmutation of all density below 5D that is taking place within Gaia and all of humanity.  In truth, the ‘inverted Matrix’ while is experienced “out there”, resides within YOU.

Many spiritual communities bash the Matrix, eagerly wish to escape the Matrix, bad mouth 3D etc. etc.  This is a dualistic perspective and only creates more resistance in a field that is desperately trying to clear itself of polarity and discordant energy.  As we know; that which we resist – will persist. We need to make peace with 3D, understand that as a holographic (Matrix) mainframe or field of physicalized experience that it isn’t going anywhere.  Here is where we, as a humanity will build a new reality rooted in Unity and Love.   5D resides within YOU.

As you become a 5th dimensional being; stair stepping your way up the ladder through 4D you will add to the field of collective experience within the Matrix in new ways. 

As you clear your field, purify from within all of your distortions and density from this life, past lives and any ancestorial energies you agreed to clear, you will become the embodied wisdom of ALL.

Your ability to create (alchemize) the formless into form will be returned to you (in time) as you are able to learn (remember) and be responsible with your power.

You will be pure, operating from a place of UNITY within a purified Matrix reality.  Your love of this experience and its love for you as a field of pure potential will be infinite.

The Matrix will truly be your lover…. (playground)

  • Release all duality around your beliefs of what the 3D matrix is…
  • Remember that the Matrix is not going anywhere as it is the foundation the 5D reality will be built…
  • Open yourself up to seeing, feeling and experiencing 5D+ NOW…
  • Know that your higher dimensional experience will not be a ‘flip of a switch’ nor something you’ll find ‘out there’, it will be a ‘slow drip’ and as such will require your practice tuning into…