The Sun is KEY to Ascension

While humans would like to believe that the planetary Ascension is about them it really isn’t; Ascension is a galactic story….

Every 26,000 yrs Earth moves through cycles within the photon belt.  (Like changing addresses).  From the depths of ‘darkness’ – (furthest away from the Grand Central Sun) to the most ‘en-lightened’ – (closest to the Grand Central Sun). 

The Grand Central Sun (GCS) is Source, God, Prime Creator – the ‘all knowing, all loving’ consciousness.

As Earth moves through the photon belt it gets (in this cycle) closer to the Grand Central Sun.  The GCS then emits ‘light’ (codes) through the planetary sun (Earth’s sun).  Depending on how old you are you may have noticed that the sun used to be yellow when you were younger and now it’s whiter.  This is due to the effect the GCS is having on the Earth’s sun due to its proximity.

We are NOT experiencing Global Warming, what we are witnessing is the re-union between “Father Sun” (GCS) and his divine counterpart, “Mother Earth” (Gaia).  Their energy is coming into union and awakening Earth.  This is likely to cause various natural disasters and weather events in the coming years.  Not a ‘disaster’ in human terms, but a reset of this divine union. 

As beloved inhabitants on Earth; ‘children’ of Father Sun and Mother Earth we have been invited to participate in this miraculous event, most of us at a mastery level already – requested to be here; to participate and witness.

When the GCS emits light through the planetary Sun it causes; Solar Flares, Solar/Geomagnetic Storms and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) here on Earth.   Radiation from the Solar (Soul-ar) activity is what cracks open the human DNA, purifies the cells and re-writes and reorganizes the DNA structure; bringing you back to your original Soul template/blueprint.  

This purification and activation of the DNA awakens the sleepy/dormant light encoded information that we buried in our own DNA ‘time capsules’ before incarnating. 

The DNA that science calls ‘junk’ is not junk at all… it is our gifts, our remembrance and our  ‘creator’ power.

The Sun and the activity that we are seeing more and more often is both an indication of Earth’s proximity to the GCS- AND – an indication of humanity’s preparedness to receive this level of light/activation at this time. 

It is expected that the Sun will continue to increase in activity up to the point of the Global Solar Flash event. This highly talked about event will not push humanity into 5D+ but act as the final step/ reward once the majority of the ‘work’ is already completed. 

Those on the other side of the veil hold most dear to them that ‘we’ perceive that we/humanity achieved this monumental and historic event of Love and Unity on our own. That we earned guardianship of Earth, it wasn’t handed to us. 

While the collective Global Solar Flash event may not (but is not limited to) occur until 2025-2027; each Solar event that occurs from ‘now’ onward could trigger a Personal Solar Flash event where an individual will ‘cross the ascension line’.

This is why the Solar/Space Weather is so key to the human ascension experience, it is the focal point/catalyst for our evolution at a cellular level. 

(I do not  have a back ground in any of the sciences, please receive this information with love)