Understanding Unification and Unity

I was reminded of the vastness of this ‘mission’ and how it relates to the 5th dimensional concepts of Unity and Unification and offer you this reminder:

Unification occurs within self BEFORE we can truly experience it phsyicalized as an outer reality . As we transcend and transmute our wounds, traumas, programming and density held within the body (at a cellular level) we are also clearing ALL of this for the collective AND for our own soul fractals.

As we are becoming ‘ONE’ with our fractalized Self; integrating the wounded inner child aspect and others, through healing and collapsing of timelines. (**think of yourself as a Russian doll as an analogy- the 5yrs old self, the 13yrs old self, 21yr old self and so on). The soul fractals of Self existing on alternate timelines (parallel realities) are ALSO being integrated.

To say that this process is massive is an understatement. It is also divinely guided and not something the Ego structure will ever fully understand. In short, we are purifying our Self (known to self), the collective (our brothers and sisters who represent the fractals of the ONE Source/God/Creator) AND all of our own soul fractals and their wounds, trauma, programs and densities.

Unification of ALL of Self as the ONE within the ONE is what will bring about global Unity on a physical level and obviously will take time. However, UNITY as a “consciousness” is ABSOLUTELY accessible now. Unity does NOT mean ‘the same’ . It means being fully understanding of, respectful of and compassionate for the choices, beliefs and journey of another even when it does not resonate with our own.

It is, recognizing eachother as the master creator and manifestors of each’s own reality . We do this thru resonance for our own journey while allowing others to have their own learning/remembrance, mastery and resonance without judgment, co dependency, energetic entanglement, manipulation, drama or any form of consciousnesses that keep us in any form of separation. I hope this helps as a reminder of how powerful we truly are, how revered across all of the Universe we are for doing what we are doing. It truly is a transformational and magical time to be alive !