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Healing with the Inner Child

One of the most essential parts of the self healing journey is re-connection with our own Inner Child. Whether you had an amazing childhood or a very traumatic one we all carry wounds from our past that become a part of our patterning, our belief system and in essence who we know ourselves to be. Healing with the

Our childhood pain stains our lives… until we answer the call.

Until we reconnect with our own ‘little’ her cries for help, love, understanding, patience and acknowledgement will continue to show up in every relationship we have.

It shows up as issues with Worthiness, Confidence, Fear, Abandonment and many more…

In this webinar you’ll receive:

1. An introduction to the concepts of Inner child work. How it shows up in your adult life; dims your Joy and hinders the depth of your relationships with yourself and others.

2. You will be guided through a meditation and quantum healing where you will connect with your ‘Magical Little” . The aspect of your Inner Child who is perfect, uncensored and unaffected by life. The WHO you were BEFORE anything happened to dim your **LIGHT**

She is THE most POWERFUL aspect of you!

3. Finally I will give you tips, tools and techniques on how to maintain this beautiful healing connection going forward. How to love, honor and nurture your Magical Little and allow her to guide you through your healing process toward self love.

This is approximately a 2 HOUR WEBINAR

If you struggle with the same pattern showing up in your life over and over, have issues around worthiness, self love, romantic relationships, friendships and /or generally feel like you need to “HUSTLE” to feel safe, validated or loved. This program is for you!

This is an INTRODUCTORY SELF HEALING program. Intended to be gentle, loving and patient. You WILL NOT be triggered into re-living, discussing or processing hurtful memories from your past.

You WILL FEEL SAFE and LOVED every step of the way.

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