What I learned down the Rabbit hole…

I am 100% committed to personal growth and spiritual expansion.

When you have a committment this big..the Universe shows up for you in spades! As I step deeper and deeper into my gifts and my own divine power my asks of the Universe (my order) get more clear and purposeful.

This year I asked to be aligned to “My Soul clients”, “My Soul friends” and “My Soul partner”.

I meant business.

Naively thinking I was already 99% ready to be aligned and receive everything I asked for….

AND THEN… I fell down the rabbit hole.What I learned down the Rabbit hole.....

I joined an 8 week Spiritual Growth Coaching program for Coaches and was asked to take a deeper look at some of my childhood trauma and some other aspects I thought I had healed (apparently not fully). I healed multiple life times of energy surrounding ‘daddy issues’ and other male role aspects. I got sick (purging at a physical level) and my kids had the flu (when momma shifts, often the kids do to). It was a shit show for the better part of 3 weeks…..some days I would cry and sleep and clean up after my kids and try to remember what ‘being normal’ felt like.

I share this so you’ll know that I am NOT exempt from ‘doing the work’… the opposite. As I follow my souls desire and life’s purpose to be a Coach, Spiritual Guide and Healer it is a requirement that I be as squeaky clean and trigger free as possible. “A clear channel” for source energy and guidance.

My ‘friend’ the Universe ensures that I do my work…

I remember at one point clearly thinking: “What the F Universe? … if you and my Angels and Guides really love me..WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO DAMN HARD?!?”

The answer I received was this; ”We do love you, more than you know… what you are being asked to do is ‘undo’ the illusion, heal from your past and make space for you to be aligned to everything you’ve asked for and more”

What I understood was this; when you ask… you WILL receive. You just might have to walk across hot coals, and a bed of nails to get there. Sometimes… ‘doing the work’ feels like HELL!


Because every time we shift, the Ego pitches a fit!

Every time we grow or explore ways of being that are different or represent growth… the Ego freaks out. It attaches an emotion to everything, it attaches to outcomes and seeks ‘sameness’ because ‘sameness’ represents safety and that’s its job.

The fact that ‘doing the work’ feels like HELL isn’t because it is HELL, it’s because the Ego says it is.

The Universe indeed ALWAYS has our back.

The next time you are experiencing your own journey down the rabbit hole or perceive the shifts and changes in your life to be your own little version of HELL, remember what’s happening. You are actually being asked to heal, to shift your perspectives and ‘undo’ parts of yourself that are holding you back from receiving EVERYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES.

Do not resist it … SURRENDER.

Do not hate the Ego…show it COMPASSION.

I am thrilled to report that I am re-calibrated, re-aligned and back to my Happy, Loving self. I am seeing glimpses of the **light** that is filling the space where trauma and programming used to live and am so incredibly excited to see what unfolds. I am doing amazing work with some very brave and committed women.  LIFE IS GOOD!

 Surrender to the journey. Love your Ego and more importantly LOVE the rest of you too!