What IS love?

After recently giving a talk about the distortion in “Love & Light”.  (briefly) I explained that LIGHT is simply information, and ‘darkness’ is a lack of information.  That holding onto the ideation that only “Love and Light” are acceptable and desirable keeps us in resistance to that which we came here to transform.  

 Then I was asked what is LOVE?

My initial response was that we are learning.  That as humans we have distorted the meaning of love in so many ways that it will require a process of “undoing”.  That starting from zero and relearning from a place of wisdom, responsibility and openness is what is next. 

Since then, I have observed my reality, the world and my ever-wandering thoughts with the intention to allow LOVE to reveal it’s truth to me.

Love is honest: hard, transparent, vulnerable and gut wrenching when needed. But ALWAYS honest.

Love allows for space: it allows for space and silence to guide it and doesn’t contract or find discomfort in the vastness of said space.

Love holds space for and encourages: it doesn’t rescue, enable or control another.  It believes in the divine ability and resourcefulness of all and encourages and reminds this when called to. 

Love is self honouring: Love knows when its own needs are met.  When the self is fully honoured by the self; it acts as an offering for others to do the same. By being an example.

Love is expansive: it is not controlled, bound, manipulated or hoarded.  Love is FREE and ABUNDANT.

And finally, this one; I believe is the most potent:

Love is ALL things:  in the seen and unseen and in every expression of consciousness. Love resides deep in the fabric of EVERY experience waiting to be birthed through the wisdom only time and space can unveil to the heart willing to receive it. 

I encourage you to ponder what LOVE means to you.  Where you have the opportunity to re-learn and become an example of love in new ways.  I believe the most self loving thing one can do is to reflect on your life and experiences and make room to see that even the ‘worst’ experiences had deep within its fabric; an expression of LOVE.