WHO AM I? – workshop

Knowing WHO YOU REALLY ARE is singularly the most powerful move you can make in creating your dream life!

Are you a mom? wife? daughter? sister? a friend?… I am sure you have all of those ‘roles’ covered but what do you think when I ask…….. “WHO ARE YOU?” 

Join this 6 week intensive workshop where we will dive deep into the labels you wear, your default behaviors and thought patterns, how you naturally give and receive love, what role you play in major relationships (rescuer, victim, persecutor) we’ll get you healing from your past and really learning WHO YOU ARE.

This is a small group workshop – Max 4 (6wks-2hrs/week)

You will discover things about yourself you have either forgotten or never knew, you’ll find confidence, worthiness and clarity.

Here’s what Kay had to say:

“I didn’t realize how much of my unhappiness (or lack of satisfaction) came from me looking back. I ‘used’ to be fun, I ‘used’ to be skinny, I ‘used’ to have the world by its tail… I don’t feel that way now. After taking the workshop I discovered NEW things about myself that I am excited about. I know who I WAS was an important part of who I am today but its not the person I am trying to get back to being anymore… I learned SO much!” Kay D, Milton

Investment in yourself $497.00, knowing WHO you really are…priceless.

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