Winter Solstice Event

With the energies high and so incredibly supportive of us ushering in NEW; new ways of being within new timelines AND the end of a decade at hand I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
Bringing COMMUNITY together to love, guide and support all in their personal and ‘our’ collective journey is what I LOVE to do. So I am hosting my annual Winter Solstice Gathering one last time this decade!

…and December 2019 is going out with a BANG!

If you didn’t catch my monthly update, here’s what’s in store:
Dec 11 – FULL MOON.. the last opportunity to truly RELEASE all that no longer serves you this side of 2020.
Dec 12 – the 12/12 Galactic Portal and Anniversary of the Ascension of Mother Gaia. This is the last ‘ascension portal’ ever ! (more will be explained at the event)
Dec 21 – Winter Solstice; always a very auspicious time of re-birth and re-newal. (Also an energetic Gateway/Portal of **LIGHT**)
Dec 25 – NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE – another influx of **LIGHT** will be coming as Eclipse season begins.
WINTER SOLSTICE occurs smack in the middle of the 12/12 Portal and the NEW MOON ECLIPSE…we’ll still be in the shadow of the 12/12 Portal and the Eclipse NEW MOON energies will be available!

Again an INCREDIBLE opportunity to join in COMMUNITY, CELEBRATE, HONOR, INTEGRATE and ALIGN before we venture off into the thick of the Holiday Season and New Year.
Join me for a:

Group discussion

Group Guided Meditation (including a Quantum Healing and Alignment)

Fire Ceremony and Social (refreshments and treats will be provided).

Saturday December 21st 7:00pm – 9:00pm

RSVP for the address (Oakville, 3rd and Upper Middle)Cost: $20 cash
RSVP : (20 people max)